Working with fathers – research report from AIMH Scotland

‘Local research in Glasgow demonstrated the importance of social support as a protective factor for the mental health and wellbeing of mothers.2 The evidence around the role and impact of social and peer support for fathers is lacking’…………
On behalf of Christine Puckering and Penny Rackett, (Leads AIMH Scottish local IMH Hub) please find attached paper for your interest.

Fathers NE Glasgow Summary Paper Sep 172

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Family Work Matters

Over the last year to 18 months Support from the Start has had the great opportunity to test out an approach to reducing the attainment gap that puts relationships with, and engagement of, parents front and centre to the approach. We have developed with the support of five of the six East Lothian Local Area partnership family worker posts that are managed in partnership with voluntary sector organisations. The poster below gives an overview of the work and further posts will focus on the individual monitoring reports for the posts.

Family work matters

Raising Children with Confidence.


Raising Children/Teens with Confidence. 

New Courses of Raising Children with Confidence RCWC Hadd poster Spring ’18 – and Raising Teens with Confidence (suitable for parents of “Tweens” too) are popping up over East Lothian for the Spring Term.

We are offering the opportunity to attend Raising Children with Confidence course after Easter. Starting Tuesday 17th…

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To find out more: please contact

Raising Children With Confidence – email

Raising Teens With Confidence – email


Congratulations and Delight

SftS Lead Preston, Seton, Gosford.

to Sheila, one of the fantastic Support from the Start Leads, and someone whose passion and care for children has shaped her life. Head Teacher of Prestonpans Infant school, Sheila has never stinted in her efforts to open doors and create the best start in life for children in Prestonpans, Port Seton and Gosford areas.

Having taken on further professional development and study, in addition to her Headship and work within the SftS network, she has regularly left colleagues and friends stunned by her incredible work ethic and commitment to a better and brighter future.

Heavily involved in creating the fantastic DadsWork links with her school and cluster area, Sheila has been inspirational in this wonderful project developing into other areas of East Lothian – and she has been instrumental in creating SftS family support workers – a fantastic example of partnership working.

And still she took on more – leaving her day job in safe hands, she was seconded to the University of Edinburgh in January and has subsequently been awarded a fellowship by the Scottish College for Educational Leadership. A remarkable lady indeed and we all feel very lucky to know Sheila and have her at the heart of Support from the Start too.

Scotland’s 1st Play Convention

Play Matters!

Following on from National Playday on August 2nd, with the theme CELEBRATING PLAY to mark 30 years for this event, there is more good news.

Unpacking Loose Parts Play.

ELPA is hosting a fantastic event here in East Lothian, supported by Musselburgh Area Partnership. Open to education staff, support staff, Early Years Practitioners, Youth and Children’s Workers, Health and Well-being and private practice professionals, Childminders, Parents and Carers – anyone interested in finding out more about the benefits and nature of Loose Parts Play….to book, follow the link: Unpacking Loose Parts Play

The Unpacking Loose Parts Play event in East Lothian has 150+ booked places already also. Taking place on Monday 28th August in Musselburgh, the event has a tremendous line-up and will provide answers to many questions around open ended play, it will share inspiration and ideas to help participants develop this amazing resource and highlight excellent practice already taking place here in East Lothian.

Speakers include  Kirsty Wilson of Scrapstore Bristol (PlayPods), Theresa Casey, President of the International Play Association, Kelly Clarke, Loose Parts Play Development Officer for Support from the Start Haddington and organised through Stacey Marko, Play Specialist and East Lothian Play Association ELPA.


Play Scotland is very proud and exciting to announce it will be hosting Scotland’s first Play Convention in October.

Scotland’s 1st PLAY Convention.

With a great line up of speakers, the Nancy Oven Awards and many exhibitors, there is no doubt this is going to be a wonderful event to attend. To book, click on link below.

Play Scotland, 1st PLAY CONVENTION, Edinburgh




Choose Play

Choose Play – A short film for social media, set in East Lothian.

A wonderful new film for social media entitled Choose Play – created by East Lothian Play Association – ELPA, to highlight the opportunities play brings, the many forms it takes, and opportunities for all to enjoy in East Lothian.

East Lothian Play Policy 2017 – 2020

East Lothian Play Policy

Please find, and use, the new Play Policy for East Lothian.

Developed for all children and young people, leading into adulthood, as the importance of play in all its forms throughout life, is recognised.

The work of East Lothian Play Association – ELPA, Theresa Casey Consultancy, Play Scotland, Support from the Start and all other members of the Working Group are recognised as key to the collaboration and success in producing a policy recognised as ‘excellent practice’.