Feeding mum and baby

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The importance of good nutrition for mother and babies is given a new sense of priority with the publication of the Improving maternal and infant nutrition framework. NHS health Scotland are organising a free conference to look at how this framework will make a difference for women and children

Maternal and infant nutrition conference 2011
21 June Beardmore hotel, Clydebank
To bring together practitioners from the NHS, local authorities and third sector who will be working together to implement the actions set out in the Improving Maternal and Infant Nutrition Framework launched by the Scottish Government in January 2011.
During the day we will give an overview of how NHS Health Scotland is contributing to improving maternal and infant nutrition in Scotland and provide updates on research in this area. We will also share examples of local practice and facilitate discussion on the key areas of:
• maternal obesity
• maternal nutrition
• breastfeeding
• early years nutrition.

Attendance at this conference is free of charge, and places will therefore be limited. Online registration will be open on Wednesday 11 May 2011 and will close on Wednesday 8 June 2011.
To register for the conference, complete the online registration form.

Further information
For further information, please email Lynn Soutar, Programme Assistant, Early Years and Infant Nutrition, NHS Health Scotland lynn.soutar@nhs.net or call 0141 354 2957.