Lickety Leap – theatre for the early years

I was privileged to see Lickety leap performed in two East Lothian nurseries and was amazed at the engagement of the children in this piece of theatre – for over an hour they were completely immersed in imaginative play. Follow up sessions with the parents and children showed how much they had retained of the original performance and how much the children had taken home with them.

The theatre company Lickety Spit have found a formula for involving children in theatre but also of engaging parents in the imaginative world of children, that I think is really valuable.  Ten performances and follow up sessions of Lickety Leap are planned as part of the civic conversation around Support from the Start in Midlothian.

The performance and follow up session with parent that I took part in were part of a study looking at the impact of the work and the report from this is currently being finalised and will be launched in the near future.

‘Leaping into ourselves” – the Lickety Leap Study – Launch event has been commissioned by Glasgow City Council and East Lothian Council Arts  Services with support from EIS. 

 Lickety Leap is a groundbreaking immersive theatre project for Early  Years children created by Licketyspit. The Study undertaken in  Drumchapel and East Lothian Nurseries this year by Stephanie Knight,  has tested and examined the layers of engagement of the participating  children. Initial findings suggest this is highly relevant to current   thinking in relation to child development. 
 This event will present the report and a film about the project   together with seminars and guest speakers on the use of art in support  of child health, well being and aspiration in both educational and 
 community settings. 
 Children’s Theatre Company Licketys pit, delivers a unique creative  experience for Early Years children through developing and performing  work that is also highly successful in the support of children with   additional needs. Productions include: Magic Spaghetti,   Heelie-go-Leerie, Molly Whuppie, Wee Witches & Green Whale.

For more information about Lickety Spit theatre company vi st their website

Whitecraig – making a difference

 This is my first attempt at posting an interview from the  ‘voxur’ unit which has been used to get views of comunity members and professionals about early years issues.

This is Tracey from Whitecraig talking about the impact Support from the Start has had on early years in that community.

tracey doran