What can you achieve for less than £600?


Summer transitions

Sometimes large amounts of public money can be spent with minimal return – but sometimes very small sums can free the creativity of staff and parents to make a difference. The enclosed evaluation was sent to me earlier today. Its an evaluation report on a piece of work taken forward by staff in Prestonpans that made me think wow all that happened because of £600.

Service champions for Support from the Start have access to a small ‘simple rules’ development fund. The idea behind the fund is to provide a resource for champions to test out ideas that might lead to service redesign that will contribute to tackling health inequality in early years.

Helena Reid wanted to build on work that the integration team had been developing on supporting parents whose children are in transition from nursery to primary school.  Being ready for school and the school being ready for the children that they are to educate is, to my mind, a key area where services can support parents and children to help themselves. There is no doubt that the more a child can take advantage of educational opportunities the more likely it will escape poor health in later life.

The enclosed evaluation of a summer transition programme gives an exciting glimpse of how services can support that transition process for children that may have difficulties and engage parents who may need support in getting their children ready for school.

I was excited reading it and I hope you are.

Summer Programme Evaluation 2010 (2)

Service Development Fund

The service and community champions that are key to the Support from the Start test site process have access to a development fund to support and take forward learning around tackling inequality and supporting parents in the early years.

The fund is accessible to the champions only and they are responsible to each other and the steering group for the test site as to how it is spent.  The fund has simple criteria – in addition to the criteria below champions have been asked to demonstrate the sustainability of any proposed projects

  • It contributes to one of the four learning outcome areas of Support from the Start
  • It demonstrates a potential for learning in one or more service area
  • Is explicit about how the lessons from the supported work will be communicated

A great deal of discussion and debate has been generated between the champions on many of the proposals and ideas. It has been my impression that  even when a proposal hasn’t been taken forward there is often learning and connections that come from the discussion around the proposal. A number of very exciting projects have been developed over the last year and you can read about them in the summary at the bottom of this page. 

development fund summary1