Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


 A colleague sent a presentation on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) given by Dr Maggie Watts at a meeting of NHS Lothian staff.  


The central message of the presentation is that problems / deficits caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy are common, expensive to manage and preventable. The slides outline what FAS is, what the implications are for children damaged by alcohol in the womb, and how children with this can be managed. Dr Watts also makes a number of reccomendation about how services can get better at preventing, detecting and managing this problem.

Dr Maggie Watts is the Fetal Alchol Spectrum Disorder co-ordinator for Scottish Government with a responsiblity to :-

•To lead the development and implementation of FASD strategy for Scotland
–Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
–Surveillance and early detection
–Diagnosis and management
–Long term care
•Ensure FASD prevention is embedded in emerging and existing policies
•Ensure support for families affected by FASD

The last slide has the following links for further information