Outdoor play & risk management skills in the workplace

Just read a facsinating blog from the Health & Safety Executive on the benefits of early years outdoor play in terms of adults having the skills to manage risk safely in the workplace. (Thanks to Sarah Cheyne, ELC architect for signposting)
The blog from Judith Hackett who chairs the Health & Safety executive can be found at this link but below is a snippet from it.


In HSE, we are focused on health and safety in the workplace, but it is clear that attitudes to risk are formed long before young people enter the world of work. Play – and particularly play outdoors – teaches young people how to deal with risk. Without this awareness and learning they are ill equipped to deal with working life. Our health and safety system in Britain requires workplace risks to be managed, not eliminated, and gives people responsibility for their own wellbeing. We simply cannot afford to exclude outdoor play and learning from our children’s education.