Alcohol Pricing

The Scotsman newspaper today reports on the election manifesto pledge of the SNP to deliver a minimum price per unit of alcohol in Scotland.

A previous post – Untold Damage – looked at research highlighting the damage that is done to children in Scotland through excessive alcohol consumption.

I don’t think this policy measure can come soon enough for Scotland’s children.

The time is right – it seems to me that most people in Scotland now understand that our relationship to alcohol is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The previous debates about alcohol pricing, and an increasing awareness of Scotland’s public health problems has contributed to this  mood for change, as has the consistent message from high profile policemen like John Carnochan. For people like John Carnochan who see the fall out from cheap drink (as well as the under investment in early years) changing  the stack it high and sell it cheap culture is a no brainer. Its something that we have got to do, and then move on to all the other things that need to be done if we are to have an impact on the carnage of lost life, trauma and damaged well being that is all to easy to find in Scotland.

Lets get it done and move on.