Jack & The Giant

I have been following the learning of the amazing P2P class at Sanderson’s Wynd who have published their own e-book. Its a re-telling of the Jack & the Beanstalk story and I think their version is better than the original.

In public health at the moment there is a lot of talk about the ‘assets model’ – basically building on and supporting what helps people stay healthy in a community. Assets that support children to have positive experiences, to explore the world in a variety of ways and to be proud of themselves, their peers , their families and communities  have got to be amongst some of the most important community resources.  Following the class blog gives you no doubt that the children of P2P are the beneficiaries of such assets.  Whilst I am sure there is lots of work going on in schools and communities that is just as positive, this is a story we  can all share by promoting and even purchasing the book. The children have decided to donate the funds they raise to Save the Children for a project in Malawi.

This is an asset everybody can afford to invest in by buying their book at the princely sum of 71p at this link:


P2P have alsobeing out in the woods for forest school – for some really joyful photos visit the Sanderson’s Wynd Forest School blog  https://www.edubuzz.org/sandersonswyndforestschool/

Joining the Dots …

 Joining the Dots – A better start for Scotland’s children


?Susan Deacon’s report to the Scottish Government is now available online at :-


??Just finished reading the report.

In reflecting on how I might introduce the report, and my reaction to it,  for this post; I decided that I could draw on the learning of the amazing authors in P2P at Sanderson’s Wynd.  The children (who have published an e-book on Amazon) have been finding interesting words, including ‘wow’ words, as part of their literacy work.  Here are my wow words for Susan’s report:-





but definitely not  pallid

Sanderson’s Wynd and Whitecraig Primary have pride of place on the front cover of the report with their great outdoor activity and learning photo’s


Steven Wray

New heights

Since starting this edubuzz blog I have had mixed feelings about blogs. Some have not been so positive –  

  • ‘Is anybody out there’, 
  • ‘Am I talking to myself’.
  • Is the  time I put into it (nearly all of which is my own) worth it?
  • Why can’t I persuade others to contribute to it more regularly?

Most of the time I have more positve thoughts about it –

  • Its useful to reflect on my own thoughts and learning in a way that I might not have had done but for the blog 
  • It has been extremely useful to me as a repository / timeline for activity related to the test site.  So much so that I wish I had been more disciplined at posting on some of the stuff that has gone unreported here.
  • Occasionally I have been surprised by the feedback that a post has produced 
  • Comments always cheers me up even if they are pointing out mistakes

However, the big plus for me has been that I have discovered  a community of bloggers. I now follow a wide range of blogs some of them to do with my professional interests and others that are more personal. It can be quite addictive. On occasion I have found an insight into a world that I wouldn’t normally see, and that can be inspirational.

I follow a number of East Lothian school blogs; usually the schools that are regularly posting things about outdoor learning and forest school.  Whether or not its to do with my particular interest of outdoor learning  /  play its hard not to be impressed with the creativity, dedication and sometimes sheer inspiration that can pop out in these blogs. This evening I logged on and found a new post from a blog that I have been following since it started from class 2p at Sandersons Wynd in Tranent. I had noticed it because of forest school at Sandersons Wynd, but have followed with fascination, because of  the wonderful world that the class teacher has created for the children in her class.  Fairy tales / story telling has been a theme for the class (as well as the whole school) Its a theme the teacher and the class have steadily built on in a way that I can only believe has got the children as engaged in their learning as I have been been virtually. Today they took their exploration of storytelling to a new height. They have published their own version of the classic fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk which is available to download on Amazon with all proceeds going to charity. Outstanding – where will those children go next!!!

I have no connection with the class at all, and don’t know the teacher – but if  I  was a parent of a 2p child at Sanderson’s Wynd I would be very proud.

There are many other people doing  just as inspiratonal work with children in East Lothian – and what’s fascinating to me is that those that share their work on edubuzz blogs allow the whole community to share that and perhaps to appreciate and value .it.

If you would like to download 2ps version of  Jack & the Beanstalk you can find it on Amazon here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jack-And-The-Giant/dp/B004NNVWIE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1298397264&sr=8-1