Creating Confident Kids

Creating Confident Kids is a whole school approach to emotional wellbeing, initially developed by Edinburgh schools. It is being championed by Sheila Laing head teacher and a service champion for Support from the Start.

Schools in the Support from the Start target areas in East and Midlothian are adopting this programme. An evaluation programme is built into the development which should in years to come give an idea of how well the programme is working.

Teaching about emotonal well being  it  is now part of the outcomes for the Curriculum for Excellence as outlined in Shielas presentation below, which was given to schools in Midlothian. 

Midlothian Presentation Febpart 1

Midlothian Presentation Feb 10part2a

Midlothian Presentation Feb 102b

Midlothian Presentation Feb 10part3

Mapping support and interventions for attachment


Service mapping has been one of the goals of the test site in East and Midlothian – this has been focused on the ten medium term outcomes for the test site. These outcomes draw on existing service planning for health and social care services and were agreed as part of the  logic model for the test site by the planning board for Support from the Start. The objective of  the maps is to represent the path to achieving the agreed outcomes – what is that we are already doing that helps us achieve the outcome we are aiming for and what are the gaps.

Improve emotional well being  (draft)

Support from the Start Breastfeeding pathway summary (2)

Increase proportion of newborn children breastfed at 6-8 weeks (final)

Reduce Obesity Levels in p1 (draft)

Reduce pregnancies in under 16 year olds (draft)

Oral health draft)

Reduce Smoking Rates in Pregnancy (draft)

Increase opportunity for involving parents and children in services (draft)

Increase number of Health Impact Assessments on new developments (no pathwayidentified as yet)

Improved outcomes for looked after children (no pathwayidentified as yet)

Improve Readiness for learning (Draft)

Janice Macleod (School nurse manager and Leisa Randall (educational psychologist are now leading on the mapping of an attachment pathway for East Lothian. This work has been generated by discussions in the service champions action learning sets and Janice’s indefatigable enthusiasm for early intervention and the role of attachement 

A session has been organised to bring ‘stakeholders’ together to map out what is already happening to support the identification of attachment issues and how children and parents who are having difficulties with attachment are supported and access services. The output from this session will help to inform what interventions need and can be developed to shape this area of work in the future.

Mapping an attachment pathway V3

The outcome for pathway mapping session will be posted here