100 years of Scotland’s early years movement.

Suzane Zeedyk an acclaimed researcher in the psychology of early years is coming to Musselburgh to give a presentation on ‘100 years of Scotland’s early years movement’. Suzane will explore the history of early years campaigning in Scotland and what relevance that has for a modern movement for early years.

Public services like local authorities, NHS, Housing agencies and the Police service are all signed up to making Scotland the best possible place to grow up. Yet to achieve the kind of improvements needed to meet this aim needs the active involvement of parents and communities. There is a long record of such involvement – many people have campaigned for Scotland’s children over the years and some have made a real and lasting difference. Suzanne will look at the social history of early years and then reflect on how a modern understanding of children’s early development might influence the future development of Scotlands early years movement.

Following the presentation there will be a chance to discuss what is happening in east Lothian to improve support for parents and the environment for children’s early development.


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Not too be missed a truly inspirational speaker – a creche will be available.

The Contented Baby

Suzanne Zeedyk and film maker Jonathon Robertson have produced a fantastic DVD about the early communication of babies and what new scientific understanding tells us about how babies connect with the world around them.  Information about the DVD and how to get a copy can be found at this website www.connectedbaby.com

Suzanne’s website http://www.suzannezeedyk.com/ is definitely one to add to your favourites list. She is also producing a regular newsletter which is very informative and available to download from the website. The following is a trailer for the DVD


Early years conference

Attended the East Lothian Early Years team annual conference in mid March and it was a truly inspirational event. It was chaired by Susan Deacon national early years champion and had two excellent speakers – Robin Balbernie and Suzanne Zeedyk. The early years team have now posted Robin Balbernies presentation on their edubuzz blog, if you couldn’t make the conference or just want to review the wealth of material that was in the presentation it well worth the time it takes.

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Hopefully, the early years team will also be able to post Suzanne’s presentation – which had a number of video clips of very early baby parent interaction – but Suzanne was such a powerful and charismatic presenter I think you really needed to be there to get the full force of it.