We run a 4 squad system within the club, with each squad working towards different targets and goals. Upon reaching the end of this system, swimmers have the opportunity to progress into East Lothian Swim Team. We aim to give each swimmer the best possible opportunity to maximise and realise their potential through positive coaching methods and making training as enjoyable as possible for the swimmers.

Skill Development Group
In our Skill Development Group, we work with children who have completed the Learn to Swim program, but may not be ready to make the step into our Bronze Squad. In this group, we work with the children to continue to improve their stroke skills and diving to a level we feel is more suited for Bronze Squad. The children in this group are taught by an experienced coach in a relaxed atmosphere allowing them to enjoy their sessions.

Bronze Squad
Bronze Squad is the squad in which the majority of our members will enter upon joining the club. In this squad our swimmers focus on building technique in each stroke as well as developing skills such as diving and tumbleturns. To achieve promotion to Silver squad, swimmers must achieve a number of targets focusing on numerous strokes and skills. We like to provide the swimmers in this squad with as much coaching attention as possible in order to help them progress and maximise their potential.

Silver Squad
In Silver Squad, our swimmers continue to build on their technique, while also beginning to build fitness into their training programmes. While progressing, our sessions in Silver Squad still retain an element of fun with swimmers getting the opportunity to participate in fun activities which will also use and benefit their swim skills. Silver squad swimmers also have the opportunity to attend land training where they will learn more about how to warm up and stretch properly, again using fun activities to make the learning process more enjoyable for our swimmers.

Gold Squad
In Gold Squad, we continue to focus on technique while also incoprorating more fitness work into our sessions. Our goal at Tranent is for our swimmers to be technically efficient in each stroke and in Gold Squad we are able to achieve that whilst also targeting entry in to East Lothian Swim Team as well as targeting goals and entry times for high level competitions in the East District. Our Gold Squad swimmers also enjoy weekly land training and yoga sessions and also have the opportunity to learn about their training programme. Swimmers also have the opportunity to enjoy the social aspect of training in this squad with some swimming just to maintain fitness.

East Lothian Swim Team
Swimmers from Gold Squad have the opportunity to gain entry to East Lothian Swim Team through the Development Squad, where they will spend time with both ELST and TASC, with an increase in training time, in order to gradually progress full time into ELST upon completion of the Development program. There are 4 different squads within ELST, with each working to a seperate program and working towards diffferent goals. Our swimmers have enjoyed great success working in the East Lothian setup over recent years with some achieving National Age Group Records, and enjoying success both nationally and internationally.