Parental Engagement Strategy

The Parental Engagement Strategy was launched in 2017 and aims to ensure that all Parents/Carers are encouraged and supported to engage as partners in their children’s learning, and to become involved in the life of the school.  

The strategy also ensures that it can continue to build on good practice and create further opportunities for our parents and schools to work together.  There are 6 strands to the strategy and East Lothian Council are seeking responses to evaluate the impact of each of them. 

The Full strategy document is available at http://Parental Engagement Strategy | Parental Involvement | East Lothian Council.

Questions for Parents and Carers:

This survey (Consultation Hub) is for completion by our Parents and Carers. You should only complete one survey if you have multiple children at this school, but will need to complete more than one survey for children at different schools. 

Survey results will be collated on a school basis and will be shared with the HT and Chair of the Parent Council to support any actions arising shortly after the closure of the surveys.

There is also a QR code you can follow to complete the survey.

The surveys will remain open from Friday 10th March until Friday 31st March 2023.  Thereafter, responses will be analysed and summarised into themes before being fed back to schools and Parent Councils to form an action plan.

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