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Welcome to our children’s zone where each class has their own page. You can discover their latest news and see examples of the children’s work. We hope that you like what you see and we would value any comments or questions which the children will respond to.

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  1. i agree with mell but i have made lots of new friends and they are all sound

  2. hiya it’s rebecca
    i used to be a pupil at mussleburgh burgh but i moved 2 gilmerton primary school and i just thought i’d say hi to every one and i hope you’re getting on well at high school andrew.I am sure you’ll be fine.Is every one missing me, i’m trying visit but all my holidays are at the same time as yours so i’ll keep trying.
    miss ya all so much

  3. hey peps im soz i moved but i miss yous dearley lets hope i make new freinds at st jonstons im olso going to ross high its closs to my new house if enybody askes im getting alright im my new house love you gues lets hope i c us soon 🙁

  4. Hi this is Kieran in p7a. I am enjoying the work and art we are doing in p7 it is fantastic and i hope there is lots more of fun work left in p7. Lots of thanks of all the helpers in p7.

  5. Hi this is Kieran in p7a. I just have to say I am enjoying the work and art that p7 are doing i hope there is lots more fun left till the end of the year. And many thanks to all the adults that has helped us over the term. :)!!!

  6. Its great at musselburgh Grammar the science labs are great and the CDT department is cool too. So the new P 7 should look forward to musselburgh Grammar

  7. Mrs Gilbert runs the computer club every Wednesday. You have to be in Primary 7 and interested in computing to become a member. Hope you are still interested when you are P7.

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