Annual Report 2008/9


The Burgh School Council


Annual Report 2008-09


Welcome to the second report of the Burgh School Council.  We hope you find it useful and informative. 


The Burgh School Council was established in September 2007 in response to the Parental Involvement Act, a Scottish Government Initiative aimed at promoting increased parental involvement in children’s education.  The Burgh school parents and carers opted to amalgamate the existing School Board and PTA to create a School Council, one large body of people who work together for the benefit of all the children at the Burgh Primary School.


About the Burgh School Council


The Burgh Council represents all parents, families and carers who have children at the Musselburgh Burgh Primary school.  We welcome and encourage your comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions at all times. 


We are chaired by a parent member of the Burgh School Council, and we have 2 parent members representing each of the classes in the school, including the Nursery classes and Communication Provision.  We work in partnership with the school and the local community. The School’s Management Team, teaching staff and our local councillors attend our meetings.


All parents and carers are invited to meetings. Class representatives aim to represent parental views if they cannot attend meetings. Project groups or subcommittees have focussed on:


          Playground Improvements

            The Library

          The website and communication

          Active Schools

          Fundraising and Events



Our objectives for session 2008/2009


Our main aims were to develop the Burgh School Council to represent and inform parents and carers and to involve as many parents as possible in the education and wellbeing of their children while they are at the Burgh Primary School.


Our objectives for 2008/2009 were to:

  • Maintain a positive, open ethos in partnership with the school staff and management team;
  • Place notice boards in playgrounds  to inform parents and carers of events, etc;
  • Provide a suggestion box at School Reception;
  • Improve links and regularly update the website;
  • Fundraise towards Phase 2 of Playground Improvements with seating areas and an extension to the log trail;
  • Produce Burgh School Council newsletters (also available on the website);
  • Encourage even more parents to give some time to helping at events;
  • Post a full diary of events, for the whole session, in which parental involvement is invited.



Our Achievements so far


·         Ensuring that all classes have two parent representatives who attend meetings and represent the interests of the parent forum;

·         Improving communication with all parents and carers by posting information on the website and in our new notice boards;

·         Working in partnership with the children to plan and build the second phase of Playground Improvements – a super stage area, attractive seating and tables and the hugely popular climbing wall; 

·         Maintaining a very successful Fundraising and Events group who have organised a Race Night, the Halloween Disco, Christmas and Summer Fairs and the Spring Fling event.

·         Organising 4 Teams of parents and teachers, which successfully completed the Edinburgh Marathon (to cheering crowds of Burgh school parents and children) raising almost £2500 in sponsorship; 

·         Working in partnership with the Musselburgh cluster of parent councils;

·         Producing and distributing 5 Newsletters which families found useful and informative;

·         Providing refreshments after Class Assemblies which has encouraged parents and carers to chat informally with other parents and members of the Burgh School Council



We are very proud of our successful fundraising efforts this session which will contribute to the next phase of our Playground Improvements. Our Christmas and Summer Fairs were well-organised, immensely popular, well-supported and raised more money than ever before.  The Raffle at both fairs proved very successful. The financial summary is attached.


Communication via notice boards has improved and parents can easily access information about upcoming events, opportunities for families and who the Parent Reps are for each class.  The school website needs to be regularly updated and maintained and we are grateful for parental enthusiasm and expertise in this area. Bi-monthly Burgh School Council Newsletters are a quick, informal way to remind everyone of what is happening and how they can be involved.


A beautiful Library has been created by parent volunteers and we are eager to catalogue the books ready for the children to start borrowing.


Events have been well-attended by local press. Good public relations are vital both to advertise events and to share and celebrate success with the local community.  We continue to seek ways to publicise our great school.



Aims for session 2009/2010


We are excited about entering a third year of The Burgh School Council with such a strong, enthusiastic and talented group of parents already involved in many aspects of school life.  Involvement in the life of the school can be fun and rewarding for families and children will benefit from being part of a strong, supportive community   We have some important aims for this session:


  • Maintain a positive, open ethos in partnership with the school staff and management team;
  • Improve links and regularly update the website;
  • Fundraise towards Phase 3 of Playground Improvements in collaboration with the children and the Pupil Council;
  • To produce and sell a Burgh Recipe Book;
  • Encourage even more parents to give some time to helping at events or with fundraising projects;
  • Set up a lending library manned by volunteer parents;
  • Work in partnership with the Burgh School’s aims to be a healthy school by providing Fair Trade refreshments at all events organised by Burgh School Council volunteers;
  • Encourage more parents to stay for refreshments after class assemblies;
  • Provide an information table and boards during Parent Consultations;
  • Lobby local councillors via letter and surgeries to plead for toilet upgrades at The Burgh;
  • Encourage more parents/carers to become involved in Active Schools programme.


How you can get involved?


·         Volunteer to become a member of the Burgh School Council – there will be spaces available for Class Reps;

·         Attend our meetings (they are open to all, not just members);

·         Volunteer to be part of a project group, you can commit to as little or as much as you can manage;

·         Get in touch with your class representative, and give us your suggestions or views about the school and how parents can get involved;

·         Fill in any questionnaires or surveys that we issue to obtain your views;

·         Put a suggestion in one of our suggestions boxes or make a comment on the website.



Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Burgh School Council will be on Monday 2nd November at 7pm in the Dining Hall.   All parents and carers are warmly invited. Everyone is welcome at all meetings and events organised by The Burgh School Council.



Your Parent Representatives for 2009/2010 are:


Nursery (am)                                   Rosemary Porteous

Nursery (pm)                                    vacancy

Communication Provision              Lorna McDougall

                                                           Fiona McGovern

P1A                                                    Jane Corrigan

                                                           Lynne Phillips

P1B                                                   Jillian Givan   (Vice Chair)

                                                           Kim White     

P2                                                       Sharon Keulemans

                                                           Louise McNaught

P2/3                                                   Fleur Hoole

                                                           Jacci Lumley

P3                                                      Debbie McVean

                                                          Carla Ellis

P4                                                      Hilary Hunter

                                                           Frances Johnston (Chair)

P4/5                                                  Linda Souter

                                                           Stacey Russell

P5                                                       Fiona Robson

                                                           Sheila Munro

P6                                                       vacancy

                                                           Stella Smith (Treasurer)

P6/7                                                   Jennifer Mee

                                                          Alice Leitch

P7                                                       Karen Thomas

                                                           Sandra Strachan



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