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Lambs and Sheep visit the nursery

It was very exciting at nursery when James the farmer brought his big green tractor and some sheep and lambs to our nursery for the day. The lambs were only one week old. We were allowed to stroke the lambs. They were very soft and white and fluffy. Then James the farmer let us all have a turn at climbing up into the driver’s seat of the big green tractor. It was really high up. It was drop-in day at nursery so all our mummies and daddies and adults got to see the sheep too.

Eco Week – Help schools to get growing
During Eco Week Jayne from Dobbies came to the nursery to tell us about how fruits and vegetables grow and to help us plant our own bean. We each got a plastic cup and filled it with compost. Then we put our finger down the side of the cup to make a space and dropped a bean in. We covered the bean with a wee bit soil and put a white paper cap on to keep the bean in the dark. When we looked at the side of the cup we could see our bean. Jayne told us to watch as our bean grows because we will see it shooting and growing. When the shoots start to pop out through the compost we can take the lid off. Maybe they will be magic beans …..
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Thank you very much to Sheila Sluman who came in to our nursery to tell us about spinning wool. Sheila brought in some sheep fleeces. Some were from black sheep and some were from white sheep. Some were curly and some were fluffy. Some were a bit smelly. They smelled like the farm. Sheila said the fleeces needed to be washed and cleaned before you could spin them into wool. We got to feel the fleeces and they were quite soft. Sheila showed us how you spun the fleece into wool. First she got some fleece and brushed it with a special brush called a carding brush. The brush was very jaggy. When the fleece was brushed it went all soft and fluffy like candy floss. Next the wool had to be spun on the spinning wheel. We all got a chance to spin the fleece, even the adults. Marcy noticed something about the spinning wheel “It’s not like the one in Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) because that one’s bigger and it’s got a sharp bit”. Sheila told her that this is a special spinning wheel you can carry and travel with and that it does exactly the same thing as the big one that Aurora pricked her finger on. When we finished spinning our fleece we each got to take the bit of wool we spun home with us. When you are in nursery have a feel of some of the bits of fleece on our display table.

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World Book Day 2015
We had lots of fun in the nursery celebrating World Book Day 2015. On Friday 6 March the children were allowed to come to nursery dressed as a favourite book character. Well done to all the children and their adult helpers. Our characters were fantastic. Our characters ranged from Katie Morag and Mathilda to Iron Man and Batman. Of course we were also joined by quite a few Anna and Elsa’s and let’s not forget our Spiderman and Batman. Both the afternoon group and the morning group had the opportunity to hear the World Book Day books. They were all super. We thought the Dinosaur pooping was very funny and we liked the rhyme. The Book Day Parade was all about finding the right dress up character just like we were doing and we laughed when we saw Elmer dressing up to look just like an ordinary elephant. We enjoyed listening to and watching the story songs on you tube. Why not listen to some of these at home (key in Debbie and friends in the youtube search bar). We had fun watching the Primary 3 Assembly which was a retelling of the story Farmer Duck. P3 were brilliant. All the children were presented with their own World Book Day book to keep and enjoy. Have fun reading.

Bird Seed Cake
The afternoon nursery children have been making bird seed cake. We used fat and bird seed and sunflower seeds and we hung the cakes on the tree using string.

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Whatever the weather …
The temperature may have dropped to really cold and the snow may be lying on the ground but it is all fun and games in the nursery garden. What excitement whatever the weather! Every day the children are wrapped up warm in their coats, hats, scarves and gloves and out they go into the garden. Here is an insight into what we get up to when we are in the nursery garden.

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Christmas Parties
Here are some pictures of us during our Christmas parties in nursery.

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Singing with Dylan’s mum
The morning nursery group had great fun when Dylan’s mum came in to play the piano for us for a Christmas singalong. We were singing lots of Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. As a special surprise she played the Frozen songs for us to sing along too. Thanks Dylans’ mum.

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Health Week
We were keeping ourselves very fit and active during our Health Week. We kept our bodies active and fit when we took part in rugby, mini kickers and football and had lots of fun chasing balls and feeding monsters. We really enjoyed joining in with Lesley dancing and singing to some of Jo Jingles songs. This made us really happy and excited. And we were more calm and relaxed when we were making our garden look pretty by planting bulbs and winter flowers in our raised beds. Well done and thank you to all the parents and carers who came in and took part in our Health Week activities and also for coming along to our outdoors drop-in session.
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Emily, Isla, Oren and Tyler helped to make the playdough. First we measured out the flour and the salt and put it in a big bowl. We chose to make red playdough so we added red colour to our water and then we poured it into the flour and salt. Then we had to mix it all together. We had to keep mixing it until the mixture turned into playdough. It was hard work but we all took turns and helped each other.

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Helping to prepare for our picnic on the pitch
Harrison, James, Riley, Rishi and Robbie were super helpers when we were preparing our picnic. There were lots of satsumas to peel and the boys very carefully peeled off the skins and separated the segments. Then we ate our oranges with the rest of our food when we had a big picnic on the football pitch.

Helping to prepare snack
Kaiyla regularly helps to prepare the snack in nursery. Today she is helping with the strawberries. First she is washing them. Next she takes the green leaf off then she puts the strawberries on a plate. One of the perks of the job is getting to taste a few as you are preparing them. As you can see from Kaiyla’s face this is the best part of the job.

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Welcome to all our new nursery children and to all our returning children too. It is lovely to see everyone settling in happily and having lots of fun. Welcome also to the parents and carers of all our children. You will notice that there have been some changes to our nursery team. Our team of nursery nurses – Miss Cowie, Mrs Hancock, Mrs Jordan and Mrs Sherry are joined by Mrs Wilson, our nursery teacher, Mrs Ryan, an additional nursery nurse and Mrs Bonthron, an ASN auxiliary. We look forward to working with you and your child during your child’s time at nursery.
We have been very lucky with the weather since returning to nursery and a lot of our time has been spent in our garden. It was all hands on deck as the children helped to pull up some of the weeds which had grown in our garden over the summer. Whilst we were doing our weeding we discovered lots of interesting insects and bugs. We were able to have a close look at worms, woodlice, slugs, spiders and centipedes with our bug viewers. It was really interesting.
We have introduced a mud area into the garden which has proved to be very popular with the children. This is very messy but very exciting. The children are enjoying creating their own mud pies and potions.

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singing with Dylan’s mum on PhotoPeach

Singing with Dylan’s mum
The morning nursery group had great fun when Dylan’s mum came in to play the piano for us for a Christmas singalong. We were singing lots of Christmas songs like Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. As a special surprise she played the Frozen songs for us to sing along too. Thanks Dylan’s mum

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