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On Friday the 20th of March 2015 both primary 1 classes came outside with p6 to watch the Solar Eclipse. They had lots of fun and experimented with lots of different viewing devices. Other classes came out as well and some parents even stayed to watch the rare spectacle. Alex from p7 said “It was a rare and exciting opportunity and I felt really lucky to witness such an amazing sight”.
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Le Petit Monde Theatre Company visits Nursery and Primary 1.

Primary 1 a and Primary 1b watched a puppet show this week called Lapin wants breakfast.
It was a story about a rabbit Lapin who has no food for breakfast and Tania his friend has to find out what he likes to eat. Finally they find out that he loves to eat La pomme, an apple.The puppet show is in French and the children learned to sing 2 songs in French. Escargot, Escargot and Sur Le Pont D’Avignon.
They learned about Lapin the rabbits friends who were Ver the worm, Oiseau the bird, Escargot the snail. Both classes thoroughly enjoyed it and are now going to make their own puppets of the characters to create their own stories about lapin.

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Primary 1A Laptops
We are learning how to switch on, log on and open new documents as well as learning how to log off and switch off the laptops. Our favourite game to open and play is Thinking things. We have laptop time every Friday Morning and it is great fun.

Autumn Walk to Lewisvale Park.
We have been reading the stories about “Leaf man” and “Stickman” in class. We decided to go on an Autumn walk to Lewisvale Park to try and find leaf man and Stick man. We hunted in the bushes and under trees and found an amazing amount of sticks and leaves. We are going to make Leaf man and Stick man out of the objects that we have collected. Look out for the results on our webpage soon.

Health Week
So far we have been planting bulbs, playing rugby and taking part in great games at Enjoy a ball. We are looking forward to making soup and bread and trying yoga. More information will come on our page soon about health week.
We made a mindfulness jar to help us relax and unwind. You shake it about and then watch it until all the objects fall to the bottom of the jar. It is cool to watch and we try breathing exercises as we look at the jar.

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Learning in P1A
We have arrived in P1A and are really enjoying making new friends and learning about Africa.
We shared our treasure bags with our classmates. Look at what we collected over the Summer holidays.
We really like the activities in the classroom. We can make patterns, tell stories, build models and learn new letters and sounds.
In our library we have comfy seats to relax and look at books. The dough smells nice and is soft to touch.

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