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Primary 2 have been continuing to learn Mandarin this year and to celebrate their achievements they performed in front of the Depute Chinese Consulate at the Brunton Theatre. We have added some photos with the sound track for the song that they performed. I am sure your child would be delighted to sing along to the music to let you hear how good they are.

judo! on PhotoPeach

biodiversity show on PhotoPeach

Ambulance visit on PhotoPeach

Primary 7 and both Primary 2 classes had their first Reading Buddies session this week! They met their buddies last week but on Wednesday 19th November they had their first shot at reading together. They read the P2’s reading set book before reading a book from the special selection provided by East Lothian Council’s library service! All the children had been really excited about Reading Buddies starting and had a lovely half hour together!

P2b reading buddies! on PhotoPeach


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Mr Lambert’s numeracy set have been learning about adding and taking away – we have been writing sums down as well as doing games with flashcards, board games and games on the interactive white board!
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Primary 2b have been busy learning all about dinosaurs! We have been learning about stegosaurus, pterodactyl, diplodocus and t rex! We went out into the playground to measure out the size of the stegosaurus and drew it on the ground! The boys and girls then measured how many steps it took them to walk the height and length!

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