Primary 3a

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P3a at the Farm 18th March on PhotoPeach
On the 18th of March p3a went to a farm.

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On Wednesday 11th March, we went to Tesco to learn about how our food comes from the farm to the shops and then to our homes.
We went behind the scenes at Tesco including visits to the walk-in fridges, freezers and the bakery. We watched how flour is rolled to make bread and we made our own pizzas using fresh ingredients like peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. We then went into the fruit and vegetable aisles to find out where some of the foods came from. The mushrooms in Tesco are grown in East Lothian!
We then went into the Tesco classroom and tried lots of different fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. Thank you Tesco!

Mrs Jones’ Numeracy Set Update
We have been learning how to tell the time. We know that the large hand on the clock tells us the minutes and the hour is recorded using the small hand. In our Set, we used this website to help us tell the time using the hour and half-past.
We are learning about number bonds and stories of creating numbers up to and beyond 20. We recorded some stories we know of different numbers on individual whiteboards then used cubes to build towers of number stories.

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It is Scots’ Month at the Burgh and we have been learning about famous Scots who have played an important role in our history. So far, we have learned about the Loch Ness Monster, John Logie Baird, William Wallace and JM Barrie.
Our Learning through Play stations are all Scottish themed. We can listen to traditional Scottish music, create our own tartans by drawing onto a kilt, paint or create a collage of the Scottish Saltire Flag and build models of Nessie using Play-Do!
We had a fantastic time celebrating the Burgh’s 50th Birthday and enjoyed a wonderful party. There was a bouncy castle, dancing with Jo Jingles, party food in the Dining Hall, designing birthday cards as well as face painting, tattoos, nail painting and coloured hair spray. We had a GREAT day!!!

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This is primary three A as the eat this very yummy and healthy food 🙂

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P3a has started to learn about the Titanic. We have found out an iceberg hit the ship as it sailed across the Atlantic to New York in America. We have started to build a Titanic ship for our classroom – it has been lots of fun but very hard work!

We have been learning about the role of the Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. Egyptian Kings were called Pharaohs and they were the most powerful person in the country. A Pharaoh would give orders and make laws. He led his soldiers to fight enemies and met visitors from other countries. All Pharaohs wore crowns which were usually decorated with gold and jewels. In class, we created our own Pharaoh head-dresses. Blue was a colour often associated with good luck in Ancient Egypt.

Here are pictures of Fred, Rebecca and Jay wearing their head-dresses.

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In P3a we have been learning how to follow written instructions. We have been discussing why we use instructions and how they help us each day. Last week we created a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich then we tested it out to check if they were easy to follow and in order.

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