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Primary 3b enjoyed the Burgh’s 50th Birthday Party. We enjoyed taking part in lots of special activities throughout the day. The children were lucky enough to have a Jo Jingles dance taster. We even got a shot of the giant parachute! The children loved having two bouncy castles in the school; they were exhausted after all the bouncing! After some lovely party food in the dining room we had different activities on our floor. Have a look at our pictures to see the results of these activities.” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>



P3b are looking at famous Scots for the school’s Scots month. We have been learning about where Scotland is on the UK map and locating some cities in Scotland on a map. We created some beautiful art inspired by the Scottish artist Jolomo. Come along to our classroom to look at our masterpieces. We will be looking at more famous Scot’s as the month progresses which will include a famous Scottish ‘monster’!

To finish our animal topic the children were asked to prepare a class talk about an animal of their choice. The children spoke infront of the class for two minutes. They were able to speak clearly to the audience and answer any questions the class had. A big well done to all of Primary 3b for the effort put into this homework task! Here are some of the children who prepared a class talk.
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The children in Primary 3b chose Animals in the Zoo as our topic for this term. This week we have been focussing on Tigers and their behaviours. The children were given a task to create a poster about Tigers using non-fiction texts and their prior learning. They worked well in pairs or trios to create the posters. The children even assessed another pair’s work by sticking post-its onto their poster with two stars and a wish on them. The feedback given was excellent and allowed the children to see where they could develop their poster more. Excellent work Primary 3!
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Primary 3b have worked really hard on our Egyptian topic over the past term. We have been learning all about the importance of the River Nile, the type of houses Egyptians lived in, the clothes they wore and the kind of foods they ate. We also looked at mummification and most recently the story about the discovery of Tutankhamun. On our final day of Egyptians we had an Egyptian day where the children dressed up and created some Egyptian crafts. Have a look at our pictures to see some of our very own Egyptians and the crafts we created.

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Primary 3b have enjoyed an amazing healthy Health week.Primary 3b on PhotoPeach

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Primary 3b have been working in groups to discuss what makes a good friend. We are learning about how to form good relationships during our Health time. After we had identified the features of a good friend the groups presented their findings to the class during Circle Time. We really enjoyed working in groups and presenting our work.

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Archie came to visit P3b for the week. He enjoyed learning all about our Egyptian topic. Archie looked at our non-fiction books and even got dressed up as an Egyptian. Archie helped us to make magic ‘e’ words and enjoyed reading Scrapman during our reading time. The children have been helping Archie find Egyptian artefacts in our Sand pit and helping him to build a Pyramid. We have enjoyed having Archie in P3b.

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