Primary 4

On Friday the 29th of June p4 will be having an assembly at 11:00

P4 Soap Carving on PhotoPeach


Planting vegetable and herb seeds.

p4 alien making on PhotoPeach

p4 health week on PhotoPeach

Click on the links below to see our art work and to read our Scottish Poems.


scottish days of the week

scottish poem

Scottish weather poem by Brodie

Scottish Weather

scots poem

scottish poem

scots poem

P4 Art


P4 Art

href=””>scottish poem<a

Wed 26 November 2014 Rugby Festival

Last Wednesday The P4s from P4/5 and P4 went to Pinkie playing fields for a rugby festival. All P4s from Musselburgh cluster schools were there.
We took part in activity stations learning skills of running, passing and tackling. They were great fun!
We also played games of rugby against other schools. We won a lot of our games!
Mrs Chiolé said that we all behaved fabulously and represented the school well

p4 amazing rugby festival on PhotoPeach

p4 amazing trip to the museum on PhotoPeach

Topic Research on PhotoPeach

Topic Research in P4

P4 worked in groups to find out about a different aspect of Roman and Celtic life. These aspects included Food and Entertainment, Soldiers and Battles and Gods and Religion. Each group was responsible for mounting and displaying the information.

Learning through Play

Twice a week, P4 consolidate their learning through a variety of activities. These photos show the type of task cards displayed for the pupils to use and P4 busy at work

P4 enjoyed Health Week very much. We took part in rugby, fitness circuits and football with visiting coaches. In class we made frozen yogurt and made our own advert for a healthy food. Here are some photos to show our great week!

p4 amazing health week on PhotoPeach

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  1. Well done P4. It looks like you had an interesting year. We looked at the Romans too. We went to a place called Fishbourne Palace and saw fantastic mosaic flooring which had been made by the Romans. We are learning about water now and plan to get wet on Thursday when we do our Forest School session. We are all pleased that it is hot here so we will enjoy cooling down!

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