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John Muir’s Birthplace on PhotoPeach
On Tuesday 9th of June Primary 5 children visited the John Muir Birthplace in Dunbar to learn all about the life of the famous conservationist John Muir. He was born in a house on Dunbar High Street and this is where we investigated. We heard stories about his life and seen the exhibit in the museum. The staff at the Birthplace were very knowledgeable and helped us gain a knowledge and understanding of out topic.

Bikeability Level 1 – Bikes away!
During the week beginning 1 June 2015, nearly all the Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils in the school completed their Bikeability 1 sessions. Everyone who came along worked really hard at improving their bike control and safety and made good progress over the year. The certificates and badges will be awarded soon – well done to everyone who took part! Look out for Bikeability 2 sessions after the summer holidays!

bikeability level1 on PhotoPeach

world book day on PhotoPeach
Primary 5 dressed as a variety of characters for World Book Day from Cat in the Hat to Miss Trunchbull from Matilda.
Our favourite book series is Harry Potter so we decorated our door to show this.

red nose day in p5 on PhotoPeach
On Wednesday 13th of March P5 organised a charity event to raise some money for Comic Relief. We had a dress down day where we could also make our faces funny for money. We had a special whole school Golden time with lots of activities to take part in and a double break to play with our friends. Primary5 then did a presentation at assembly to tell the whole school why it is important to raise money for this worthy charity.

the Solar System in p5 on PhotoPeach
During Science Primary 5 have been learning about the Solar System. In groups of 4 we made a poster about one of the 8 planets and then presented it to the class. We have also created models of Rosetta and Philae which landed on a meteorite.

football in p5 on PhotoPeach
This term, Primary 5 are learning the skills of Football with a coach from Hibs football team. The class will be working with the coach for 6 weeks learning the skills and then playing a mini class tournament.

p5 play golf at the Links on PhotoPeach
Primary 5 have been learning how to play Golf with Mrs Fulton using the First Club Golf programme.
The class have learned 3 strokes: Chipping, Rolling and Full Launch.


Primary 5s Burgh birthday celebrations on PhotoPeach

Primary 5 have been learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases during Science.
We have taken part in experiments to show gas exists as you cannot see it and also how looked at how to change a solid and a liquid into a gas.
We have also learned the terms catalyst and chemical reaction.

science in P5 on PhotoPeach

Primary 5 were very excited about a special visitor we had to school on Wednesday 26th of November. Our special visitor was Bonnie Prince Charlie! He came to teach us all about the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, where he was the leader of the Jacobites.

Bonnie Prince Charlie visits the burgh on PhotoPeach

On Wednesday 19th November 2014 P5 went to Edinburgh Castle to learn more about the Jacobite Rebellion on 1745. First, Mrs Fulton took the class on a guided tour of the castle. Then after lunch a Red Coat Soldier met us and lead us to watch the 1 O’clock gun be fired. We then did the ‘Jacobite’s at the Gate’ workshop with the Red Coat Solider which taught us more about the 1745 uprisings.

P5 visit Edinburgh Castle on PhotoPeach

Primary 5 have been learning how to write a cinquain.
This is a type of poem which has a pattern in each line like this:
2 syllables
4 syllables
6 syllables
8 syllables
2 syllables

P5 have been writing cinquain poems about the Jacobites and Red Coats.
Here are 2 brilliant examples from our writing lessons by Marvin and Sarika.

Jacobite Cinquain
They are
Tough, Murderous
Powerful, Destructive
Harmful, Frightful, Loyal, Fearless
and Fierce.
By Marvin P5

Jacobite Cinquain
Brave and fearless
Murderous Jacobite
They were nasty tough to fight
By Shakira

Health Week on PhotoPeach

During Health Week Primary 5 took part in the following activities:
Bannantynes Circuits, Heart Start with Mrs Gilbert, Bike Ability with Mrs Hoole, Cricket, Rugby and American Football.

Learning Through Play in Primary 5

Primary 5 have been learning to work and play together during learning through play in Primary 5 by taking part in a range of activities based on our class work.
The activities include researching an important person from the Jacobite era using the laptops, researching our Jacobite topic using non-fiction books, creating skeleton models of 3D shapes, constructing the King’s Army fort out of Lego, writing a newspaper article about Harry Potter, playing interactive numeracy games on the white board and creating a clan crest.

P5 have been learning about the Jacobites and the Red Coats.

Jacobites and Red Coats in P5 on PhotoPeach

Primary 5 have been learning about the properties of 3D shape.
They have created skeleton models of the 3D shapes by using their problem solving skills.

3D shapes in P5 on PhotoPeach

Jacobite risings in P5 on PhotoPeach

Primary 5 are learning about the Jacobite Risings this term. During topic we have been learning about the uniform and weapons both the Jacobite and Red Coat Army wore and used. We have been creating life size pieces of art work to display in our classroom in groups.

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