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Climbing in the Garden
We are having fun climbing on the nursery equipment in the garden.
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Eco Week
Roger the ranger came into nursery to tell us all about wild animals. We were able to look at them closely and could stroke their skin.
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Sport Relief Freestyle Mile
We are taking part in the nursery mile for Sport Relief.
Sport Relief Freestyle Mile on PhotoPeach Welcome to the morning nursery page. Please check here regularly to see what we have been doing.
Happy Halloween
We had a spooky Halloween session in nursery. The children and staff dressed up and took part in a variety of fun Halloween activities. We had witches decorating biscuits with ghost and pumpkin sprinkles; we had zombies shaking their bones to the skeleton dance; we had pumpkins eating witches fingers and wiggly worm jelly and we had Frankenstein, pirates and princesses nibbling devils donuts and dooking for apples with forks.

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We were out on the all weather pitch learning some football skills. There were lots of rules so we had to listen really carefully but the football coaches helped us. Sometimes we had to put the ball high and sometimes we had to touch the floor with the ball. We had to try to control the ball with tiny little movements with our feet and then we had to stop the ball and put one foot onto it – this is not so easy to do! It was good fun.
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We are making pizza for snack. First we spread the tomato passata on the base. Next we sprinkle the cheese on top. Then we put on a topping. Finally we need to cook it and the best part is eating it. Yum yum.

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Smoothies and Vegetable taster
Mrs Sherry was showing us how to make a smoothie. We selected lots of fruits – bananas, oranges, strawberries and blueberries. We could smell the oranges when we cut them up. We put the fruit in a blender and when we pressed the button all the fruit got squished and squashed and changed into smoothie. We drank our smoothies at snack time.

For our snack we were having a taste of a variety of vegetables. We had radish, peppers, mushrooms, beetroot, carrots, sweetcorn, tomatoes and cucumber.

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