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The P2’s had a great time cooking their Gruffalo crumble. They crushed, mixed and chopped before joining in the story of the Grufflo and then came the best bit. We all got to taste the crumble. Yum Yum!!
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Tuesday 26th January 2016

As a Listening and Talking task to celebrate the Scottish month, P2 learnt to recite “The Snawman” by J.K.Annand. Everyone did really well in front of a great audience. Well done P2s!

The Snawman

We scoopit and we scrapit
And we made a man o’snaw
Wi’ chuckie stanes fir buttons
And een an neb an’ aa.

We gi’ed him Geordie’s gravat
And Grandpa’s auld lum hat,
We even gi’ed him Faither’s pipe
Did he no girn at that!

An aabody that saw him
Declared that he looked braw
But och, the thaw cam far o’er quick
And melted him awa’

By J.K.Annand

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January 2016- Scottish Month
To celebrate we are learning about Scottish Clans and Tartans, we all shared ideas on new play areas around the class such as painting tartan, creating a Scottish castle at the role-play area, building towers with lego, reading books in Scots, listening to Scottish music and making tartan patterns with playdough.

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Library day

Every Friday we visit the school library to enjoy a wonderful selection of books.

November 2015 – AUTUMN ART

With the arrival of Autumn, we have added a splash of colour to the class decorating it with leaves, pine cones and pictures of squirrels and hedgehogs.
We went outside to collect leaves and conkers for our class display and we enjoyed reading the story of “The Leaf man” while drawing and painting our very own leaves.

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