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Welcome to the Primary 2/3 page. Please check here often to see what we are doing in class.
farm to fork on PhotoPeachtrip to the farm on PhotoPeach

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JK Annand poem called “The Crocodile”.

When doukin in the River Nile

I met a muckle crocodile.

He flicked his tail, he blinked his ee,

Syne bared his ugsome teeth at me.

Says I, ‘I never saw the like,

Cleaning your teeth maun be a fyke!

What sort a besom do ye hae

To brush a set o teeth like thae?”

The crocodile said, ‘Nane ava.

I never brush my teeth at aa!

A wee bird redds them up, ye see,

And saves me monie a dentist’s fee.























During Scottish Month P2/3 learnt about some famous Scots. They learnt about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone and John Logie Baird who invented the TV.  They also learnt about Robert Burns.



Ailsa puppet.docx







Ailsa made this fantastic puppet at home and brought it in to share with the class.

Well done Ailsa!




Halloween party on PhotoPeach


trip to the museum on PhotoPeach
Egyptian workshop
P2/3 had a great trip to the museum to learn more about mummification.
P2-P3 literacy on PhotoPeach

p2/3 art on PhotoPeach

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