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Welcome to the primary 4b page. Please check here often to see what we are doing in class. It would be great if you could leave a comment for us.

Rehearsals are now underway for the P4 rainforest assembly on Friday 13 May. Everyone is learning their parts and we’re all excited.

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Music with Miss Ireland is always fun. Watch this short video to see what we were doing with a stretchy band.

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Mental Maths in Class
Every week, P4b complete mental maths activities out with their set. These activities includes finding different ways to make a number, practising times tables through bingo or matching games, and using dice to add and subtract numbers.
The pupils enjoy sharing their learning from their set with their classmates and having the opportunity to apply their numeracy learning with other children.
Applying maths and numeracy skills is also encouraged by using the maths activity box during ‘Learning through Play’ sessions.
Next steps for P4b will be to develop and use more problem solving activities.

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P4b had a busy and fun week just before the October holidays. We had visits from Tesco Farm to Fork, an optometrist telling us all about our eyes, the SSPCA, the Dog’s Trust and football coaching. In class we made frozen yogurt and fresh fruit salad which was enjoyed by everyone. For homework, we completed a diary from Monday to Friday which detailed what we ate, drank, how we exercised and how much sleep we got. We discussed these in class on Friday.

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Science Roadshow 1

Science Roadshow

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