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Welcome to the Primary 5/6 page. Please check here often to see what we are doing in class. It would be great if you could leave a comment for us.

We will be tidying up this area of the playground and planting some trees as part of our conservation work for our John Muir award. We will add some more photos when we are done to let you see what we have done.

Conservation project on PhotoPeach
Waiting our turn to bat when playing rounders.















As part of our school Reading is Braw activities we made Book Characters out of Potatoes.
Book Character Potatoes on PhotoPeach
Canoeing on PhotoPeach

P6 Camp on PhotoPeach



Innerwick – Tuesday – Canoeing on PhotoPeach

Innerwick Monday – Hill Walking on PhotoPeach

During Eco week we worked in small groups to create a costume from recyclable materials. As you can see from the photos we worked hard to produce a midnight dress, a monster fancy dress costume, a tuxedo and a spaceman. Mrs Fulton and some P7 children chose our class winner, the spaceman, that will represent our class at the Eco assembly later today.

Making Eco Outfits. on PhotoPeach



During Eco week we have been learning how to make bird feeders to make sure the local birds are were fed.  We covered pine cones in lard and then pressed seeds into the lard.  The lard helps to keep the bird’s feathers healthy.  When we were finished we tied some to branches around the school.  We hope to see birds feeding from them soon.


P5s have been working with Mrs Hoole during Eco Week. They have been working towards gaining level 1 Bikeability.

Bikeability on PhotoPeach

Newhailes Bird Feeder Making on PhotoPeach
P6 Burns Assembly on PhotoPeach









Some of P5/6 have been learning how to play the drums.  Look out for more pictures soon.

We have been learning about Robotics and Technology. Peter Bennett, who was a winner of Robot Wars, came into school to visit us. He told us all about making his winning robot and let us have a turn driving his new one. We asked lots of questions and learned about kilojoules, amps, inertia and programming.
Please click here to see us working the robot.

Craigmiller Castle!!! on PhotoPeach
On Friday we were lucky and had a visiting Drama Specialist come in to school to work with us. The session was about getting to know ourselves and each other. We had to match our body parts and use our voices in different ways. Everyone joined in and had lots of fun.
Drama – getting to know each other. on PhotoPeach

Busy at Work on the First Day in P5/6 on PhotoPeach

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