Health Promotion Group

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Health promotion group meeting 13/01/10

 People attending the meeting Olivia  P2, Aaron  P2/3, Thomas  P3, Ethan  P4, Marc   P4/5, Glen  P6, Amy  P6/7 and Miss MacLauchlan

 How healthy are we in the burgh?

 The group think the burgh is a healthy place to be – they would give it a score of 9/10 because-

  • The lunch hall has salads.
  • We have walk to school week and health week.
  • We do lots of different sports – Rugby, Hockey, Judo and Golf
  • Fruit given to children in p1 and  p2.

 What we need to improve 

·        the toilets are smelly and scary

·        The doors are too small

·        Holes in the wall

·        Paint is scratched

·        Not private enough for the older children

·        There are no mirrors and the soap dispensers don’t always work.

 What will we be doing about these problems?

We will be writing to the pupil council to see if they can help us on these matters. We will also be discussing ways to solve these problems at the next meeting.