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The children in CP have been actively participating in Rugby sessions every Wednesday for the last 4 weeks with P6/7. We have learned to make a ‘w’ with our hands to catch the rugby ball. It has been lots of fun.

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CP had an African drumming workshop with Dougie on Monday 18th November. We were banging the drums fast, slow, loud and quiet. We were tapping and clapping rhythms to an African song. We also listened to the didgeridoo and made different sounds using our hands. CP had lots of fun with the African drums and instruments.

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Story Telling Day Thursday 24th October

Miss Armstrong read us a German story called The Gingerbread Man. We mixed up all our ingredients in a bowl and made our Gingerbread Man with some help from “Mrs Brown” (Rena). We rolled a ball of gingerbread between her hands and squashed it flat. That was to be his head. Then we made another ball, a much bigger one this time. That was to be his body. Next we made two thin rolls for his arms and two long thin rolls for his legs. Then we made two hands and two feet. What next,’ we thought. ‘Our gingerbread men need two currants for their eyes and a currant for their mouth.’

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On Wednesday 5th of December 5 pupils from Primary 7 went to CP to do some art activities with the class.
The children from P7 and CP worked together to make a Christmas wreath by using their hands and fingers aP7 Van Gogh sunflowers on PhotoPeach<object width=”445″ height=”296″><param name=”movie” value=””></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”/><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true”/><param name=”flashvars” value=”photos=″/><embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”445″ height=”296″ flashvars=”photos=″></embed></object>nd they also made Christmas decorations from salt dough.
Art with the Cp and P7 on PhotoPeach The children from P7 and CP worked together to make a Christmas wreath by using their hands and fingers and they also made Christmas decorations from salt dough




The staff and pupils in the Communication Provision raised over £300 during Autism Awareness Week in April. Half of this money was donated to the National Autistic Society (Scotland). On Wednesday 13th June Seonaigh Paterson from the National Autistic Society (Scotland) came to school to receive a cheque for £150. This money will help to fund a new befriending programme being established by the charity. A big thank you to all who supported the fundraising.

autism awareness
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“On 19th January 2010 CP4 went to Meadowmill Sports Centre to learn how to play boccia.
Boccia is a game a bit like bowling or French boules.  We had to try to roll the ball along the floor and get it to stop as close to the other balls as we could, but we had to stay sitting down all the time.  There were children there from lots of other schools and we were all put into teams together.  The activities were quite hard, but we all did very well – Jenny even won one of the games!”  
CP4 Christmas Outing
We got a number 44 bus to Princes Street and sat at the back. We were all very polite to the driver and remembered what to do with our money and tickets.

When we arrived we looked at Santa’s reindeer garden first. The reindeer were having their lunch. Santa came along to help feed them. We all waved!

Next we had a ride on Santa’s Express. It took us all around Princes Street Gardens. It went fast down the hill. That was great fun and we really enjoyed it!

Then we went into Santa’s Igloos to eat our lunch and listen to Santa telling a Christmas story. We said hello to him and told him what we wanted for Christmas.

These are some photographs of us all having fun.

school2-035.jpg Look at our super portraits.


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  1. Hi guys i hope your doing great there. The grammar is fine and iam doing fine. I hope you visit me.

  2. In CP1 we have been learning about under the sea. We made a power point presentation to show our learning.

  3. Dear CP4
    I enjoyed at Lucas today and I am so excited about going to the park tomorrow. It will be so much fun
    from Conor

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  5. dear cp4 thank you for sending me your email and I also say thank you for giving me so many cafities from the past couple of years and thank you for being helpful to me and the teachers whos working me hard over the last 7 years. Thank you everybody for being kind to me. The formula 1 2009 season was qulite close between 1st jeson button 2nd sebstian vettel and 3rd rubens barrchello. This is going to be one of the closest formula 1 championship for a long time.
    I done very well in the grammer i done maths science english home ecohomies and citizenship. I miss Richard ail jenny Aaron Daniel Scott David Mrs roger Mrs mclecarn Miss hill and everybody even mrs Fleming. Please send me more messages and comments. from your very best friend conor.

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