The Burgh School Recipe Book

       What’s for Tea?


The Burgh’s School Council came up with the idea of a fundraising cookbook back in August 2008.  The production of this wonderful recipe book then became a whole-school project.  Many of the Burgh children, parents, grandparents and teachers sent in their family favourites.  The children also researched how to make healthy versions of their favourite meals, tested them and wrote them up for the book.  We ended up with nearly 200 recipes in the 96-page book, which the children have also illustrated. 

To maximise fundraising, enterprising pupils in Primary 6 have written to various well-known chefs, celebrities and other public figures, asking them to sign copies of What’s for Tea?, which will then be auctioned.  They have even written to the Queen, who wrote back to wish the pupils every success with their project.  Chef Martin Wishart (of Restaurant Martin Wishart, Wishart’s Cookery School and Cameron House Hotel fame) has already been in touch to say that he will sign copies and has sent the school a cheque for £200.


Provost Sheena Richardson formally launched the cookbook at the school’s Winter Fair on Saturday 5th December and there have already been over 200 copies sold.  The book retails at a very reasonable £7 for one copy or three for £20 and can be ordered by printing off the attached form and sending/taking it to the Burgh School Office.    order-form-front-jan01-copy1



The cookbook has two main aims – to get people excited about cooking and to raise money so that every class at the Burgh can have its own raised bed in which to grow fruit and vegetables.  This will really help the children with various strands of the Curriculum for Excellence, including health and wellbeing.  Their fundraising target is £2000.

 One of the main driving forces behind the recipe book, Fleur Hoole commented:

‘The children have been so excited about this project and really wanted to get everyone cooking.  I hope that Primary 6’s efforts will pay off and that lots of celebrities and chefs will take up their idea of signing copies for auction.’


2 thoughts on “The Burgh School Recipe Book”

  1. I read about your cookbook in THE EVENING NEWS. I’m on your website to find ordering info. I found this page which says it’s possible to order copies from the School office. Great! I then went looking for the phone number. So far, I haven’t found your phone number anywhere on this site. I must not be looking in the right spot. Anyway, you are no doubt closed now so i will try again in a few days to place my order for 3 copies. I can’t wait to get it; I know the children worked so hard to make it special and just know the recipes will be delicious. I would like to suggest that you add the phone number or address to your red sentence telling people to contact the School Office to order — especially now that it’s been in the paper — you want to make it as easy as possible for people to pick up that phone and order a copy. Regards.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments I have added the contact number as suggested – great to see the website being used and wonderful to hear such a positive response to the recipe book!

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