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Hi All

I can’t believe it’s nearly June already!  Things here are good, hope they are with you all.  I had an awesome long weekend last weekend, I drove up to my friends cabin with a few friends. We saw bears, a beaver, we went on quad bikes and had campfires, I even dived into the lake (which I regretted immediately – FREEZING!). Anyway it was great. I got photos of bears and some moose tracks so i thought I’d send them for the website, I’m hoping to go whale watching too before I leave.




Hi all,

At Christmas I visited a farm. It was amazing and I drove a tractor, can you believe that? I met real life cowboys and checked out the Alberta beef on the hoof! For a New Year a couple of the girls and I went to Manning Park, about 2 hours away and did snowshoeing in the day time and innertubing under the stars, such fun… but soooooooo cold. My breath was freezing to my hair and the collar of my jacket!

Scroll down to see some pictures

The tractor I drove on the farm!

Dressed in a Mountie Uniform

The Rockies

Making friends with the locals!

A Canada goose!

Fort Langley, BC. BC was declared a province here. BC’s oldest building is here, it’s a storehouse and it was built in 1840.

The main shopping street in Vancouver!

Kalamalka Lake in the Okanagan.

Bear poo – haven’t seen any bears yet though!

A tree that has been gnawed by a beaver (I kid you not!) – haven’t seen any beavers yet either!

An ice hockey game, go Chilliwack Bruins!

Parliament of BC in Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

On a trip to a salmon hatchery.

A Sto’lo dancer doing a salmon dance, wearing a traditional mask and blanket.

On the ferry to Vancouver Island.

19 thoughts on “Miss Robson in Canada”

  1. Hi Miss Robson

    How are you? I am fine.

    Two weeks ago, school was closed due to bad weather. Mrs Shannon is a great teacher.

    Are you enjoying Canada? What are you doing for Christmas this year?

  2. Hello girls
    I am having lots of fun in Canada, the students and teachers at school are great fun and I have made some good friends who are showing me the sights at the weekends.
    I have been to an ice hockey game, which was very exciting and to Vancouver, which is a big city nearby, where there is a great aquarium. I saw Beluga whales there.
    I am going to a farm in Alberta for Christmas. I am very excited though I am told it will be very, very cold. You have had much more snow than me so far though!
    Great to hear you’re having fun with Mrs Shannon, say ‘hello!’ from me.
    Merry Christmas!
    Miss Robson

  3. hey miss robson hows canada?

    we all miss you and hope too see you soon have a good christmas! xxx

  4. Hello girls
    Have a great Christmas holidays! I will email in the new year and tell you about my Canadian Christmas!
    Have fun!
    Miss Robson

  5. hi Miss Robson

    hope you are having a great time in canada and Mrs shannon is realy realy nice and a great teacher!!!!!!!!
    lauren :]

  6. It’s unbelieveable how much I miss the Burgh. Just popped on the website for a quick nosy! Hope you’re enjoying Canada Miss Robson :).

  7. heyy mrs robson nice pic is it fun in canada it seems like it how are your class is louianna or prabjot or know them coz they are the peopel iam sending postcard to

  8. heyy miss robson we miss you still hope i may see you in the future if you stay because my little is going to come to this school someday so you may get to meet him, wish you could see our leavers assembly mrs shannon is a brillant teacher

    !chelsea!x see youhh soon !

  9. Hello everyone
    Hope the ‘leavers assembly’ goes really well, I’m sure it will. Enjoy it! Hope you all had fun at the Grammar! Lots of excitement here as Vancouver’s ice hockey team are in the finals of the Stanley Cup – Go Canucks Go!
    Miss Robson

  10. Hi Miss Robson How Are You Hows Canada Might Be Having You As A Teacher In P7 Okay Byee X

  11. Hiya Miss Robson!! I Am Going To Be In Your Class This Year And I Cant Wait!

  12. hi miss robson. can u belive this i have only just found this page on the wedsite!!!!!! haha> how is(was) canada. i was crying on the last day of school. can u believe that either!!!!!
    where is the picture of u standin abouve a lake. where was that taken?
    p.s was raja in your class. i wrote two postcards to her

  13. Hi,
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