Nursery 2013-14

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Click on the links to see us learning how to do Scottish Country Dancing

Video clip 1

Video Clip 2

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We did lots of exciting activities in nursery during Health Week. We learned about healthy eating and how exercise is good for us. Our activities included how to wash our hands properly, mini circuits, gardening, fruit and veg workshop, smoothie making ,yoga, Jo Jingles and football. We enjoyed them all and had lots of fun.Grow it… Dig it…. Eat it !

Last year the P3 class gave the Nursery some carrots which we planted in the nursery vegetable patch. We’ve looked after them all summer and they grew and grew!

Last week we dug up our carrots and we were amazed at their weird and wonderful roots. We washed the carrots and everyone wanted to try them. The afternoon nursery all had the chance to try some grated carrot and the morning nursery made their grated carrots into Carrot-cake Muffins which everyone enjoyed

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The nursery garden has been transformed over the last few months with a lovely new tree seat, shed and playhouse. There is also a fabulous sandpit in which the children can sit and some lovely big planters where we can grow our own flowers and vegetables.
There is still a little bit of work to be done but you will notice a big improvement and the children are really enjoying their new surroundings.

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Harley and Stevie came back to visit the afternoon nursery children. The children really enjoyed seeing and handling the reptiles. Here are some photos to look at.
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Harley the snake and Stevie the gecko came to visit us in the nursery. Mrs. Hancock’s son Scott and his girlfriend Vickie brought their pets in for us to look at and – for the brave among us – to touch. They told us lots of information about the reptiles and how they look after them.

Click here to see some short video clips of the visit.

The afternoon children also took part in the banana challenge. The winners were Nathan and Neava. Well done to both of them.

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Nursery Banana Challenge on PhotoPeach
The morning nursery class took part in the banana challenge on Monday morning. They all did really well and we had 2 winners, Isaac and Jack.

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  1. I liked the photos from when I was in nursery and I think all of nursery was golden time.

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