Primary 2b 2013-14

Lempen Puppet show on PhotoPeach

P2b joined the Lempen Puppet show called ‘The fisherman and the Pearl’ to learn about the importance of protecting life in the oceans and seas that cover 70% of our planet.
We learnt interesting facts and what we can do to protect the oceans from litter and pollution.

P2 Assembly on PhotoPeach

Primary 2B have been learning how to dance to the Grand Old Duke of York and the Gay Gordon’s. Watch our video of us dancing in the assembly hall during a lesson with Mrs Fulton and Miss White.

Mrs Fulton’s reading set have been learning the poem ‘The Crocodile’ by JK Annand during Scots Month as it uses the Scots language. At home the children in the reading set practised a part of the poem and then recited it in class. Click on the Crocodile links to see and hear the children recite the poem.

Crocodile 1

Crocodile 2

Crocodile 3

Crocodile 4

Crocodile 5

Crocodile 6

P2B’s Dynamic Earth Trip

On 28th of November P2B went to Dynamic Earth with Mrs Fulton. We went to learn about dinosaurs and took part in a workshop called dinosaur detectives where we looked at fossils and tried to find out what dinosaur they belonged to.

We then investigated the rest of Dynamic Earth which shows you what Scotland would have been like when the planet was first created.

One of our favourite parts of Dynamic Earth was getting to touch a real iceberg.

Thank you to Harris’ Dad, Anna’s Mum and Emily’s mum for coming and helping us on our trip. We really appreciated it. 

P2b dinosaur models on PhotoPeach

As part of our dinosaur topic P2B designed their imaginative dinosaurs at home. In class they presented what they had created and gave a short talk about their dinosaur. P2B had used recycled materials to create these wonderful creatures. Can you guess what some of the children used to make them?Reading Buddies

Children In Need Day P2b

To raise awareness and understanding of children in need, P2b enjoyed dressing up in pyjamas and had a great time joining many of the fantastic fundraising Arts and Crafts activities organised around the school.
Thank you for supporting Children in Need!

P2B’s Health Week

Primary 2B had a fantastic time at Health Week. We took part in Jo Jingles, Golf, Circus Skills, Smoothie Making, Zumba, Dance and Break Dancing. In class we learnt about how our bodies need lots of exercise and good food. We made fruit and vegetable happy faces and then we ate them.


Our Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils are to participate in a Reading Buddy Scheme again this year. The P7 pupils have been trained as Big Buddies and will be paired up to read with a P2 pupil for twenty minutes per week.

The main aims of the Reading Buddy scheme are –
• To raise reading confidence
• To raise self-esteem and self-confidence
• To increase feelings of responsibility and commitment to those taking part in the scheme and to the school community as a whole
• To develop and increase communication and social skills.

The children will find out who their buddies are this week and badges and certificates will be presented in assembly.

Next Wednesday at 2.15pm the children will have their first reading buddy session together.

Over the years, the Reading Buddy scheme has proved to be a very important part of the curriculum for both Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils. Please help to keep the profile of this scheme high by asking your child about their Buddy and about the time they spend reading together.

Structured Play In P2b

Primary 2B have been enjoying structured play in class. We have a literacy and numeracy area. We have a Jurassic area for role play and a German area where we can practise our colours in German.
We have also been completing puzzles, painting dinosaurs and creating dinosaur homes in the construction area. We have been digging for dinosaur bones in our sand and found a T-Rex fossil.

Garden Party
Look at these lovely hats!
Primary 2B had a lovely time at the Burgh Garden Party. The children wore magnificent hats that had been made at home with a lot of effort and care. Molly McKenzie was awarded best hat in our hat parade and received a Burgh Medal.

P2b’s Classroom

Here are some photos of P2b’s classroom and dinosaur displays!

Topic – Transport
This term the pupils in primary 1b chose their own topic. They decided they would like to learn about transport. They want to look at all the different kinds of transport and if they are for on the land, the sea or in the air. They also want to look at how transport looked in the olden days and how different it looks now. Here we are looking at some of our transport books.

Primary 1b Transport Topic on PhotoPeach
On Thursday 11th April P1 showcased their art gallery to family and friends. Lots of people came to see the beautiful works of art. P1 have made pictures inspired by Kandinsky, Monet and Picasso using paint, chalk, pen and junk materials. The P1 children made a brochure of the art to share and guided their visitors along the corridor to see all the work. They also drew pictures with their visitors in the classroom. What a lot of great artists we have in P1. If you’d like to see the gallery please pop into the P1 corridor and classrooms.
Primary 1b Art Gallery on PhotoPeach

Primary 1b have been learning some new football skills. Megan and Aaron from Musselburgh Grammar have been visiting us every Wednesday for 6 weeks to help us improve our football skills. It has been great fun.

Playing football with Grammar Pupils on PhotoPeach

P1b shape photos on PhotoPeach

Maths – Shape
During our non-number maths lessons we have been learning all about shapes. We already knew shapes like circle, square, rectangle and triangle but now we know shapes like hexagon, cuboid, cube, sphere, cylinder and cone. We have been using some of the shapes we know to make pictures.

World Book Day 2013
Primary 1 had great fun on World Book Day. We all brought in our favourite books or chose a good book from the class library and shared these with our World Book Day buddies from Primary 6. Our big buddies helped us read our stories. Then we all made a World Book Day bookmark. At snack time Murray, from P5/6, came to our class to read us his favourite story from when he was a wee boy. His favourite story is “The Lion Who Wanted to Love”. Come and see us having fun during World Book Day

P1b world book day on PhotoPeach

p1b’s red nose day on PhotoPeach

Red Nose Day
There was lots of fun and laughter in the primary 1b classroom and out on the football pitch when Primary 1B and Primary 6 got together for a fun filled Red Nose Day morning. Lots of pupils got dressed up as a superhero or hero or were wearing red. Primary 6 pupils buddied up with a primary 1 pupil and helped them take part in the red nose day activities. There was face painting, tattoos, nail art, red nose funny faces, red nose fruits, iced red nose biscuits and beat the goalie with a red nose football. We also made red nose funny pictures with our buddies. Mrs Duncan put these into a book so we can all look at them. We had great fun raising money for Comic Relief and for Ruby.

Visit from an artist. on PhotoPeach

Scottish artist visits Primary 1
Today we started our new topic on Art. We were visited by Mr Gerald McGowan, a Scottish artist, who is Elsie’s granddad. Mr McGowan came to the class with lots of art sketches and paintings to show us. He told us that he likes to sketch and paint people. Sometimes he sketches them in the train station or at the beach or just wherever he sees someone and thinks it looks interesting. When he goes back to his studio he uses some of his sketches to makes into paintings which he frames and sometimes exhibits. Some of Mr McGowan’s paintings are on display in the art galleries in Edinburgh in a big Scottish Artists exhibition which is on for 4 weeks. One of his paintings which he showed the class was of Elsie when she was about 3 years old. She was sitting on his artists chair on the beach eating an ice cream. It was a very beautiful painting. Mr McGowan explained that sometimes he does splodge paint people. He showed us how to create this effect. You need to use a paintbrush and watery paint. You choose your colour and start making splodges for the shapes you want for your work. You can add other colours to create the effect of the picture. These paintings do not have fine detail but are fun to look at. Mr McGowan made people, a carrot and bunnies, a face and apples. We then had the opportunity to try to make our own splodge paintings. It was really good fun. Have a look at some of our paintings.

Primary 1 Visit The Chicks on PhotoPeachWritingChicks


We have been making a diary of the chicks in primary 3.  When they first arrived they were all eggs in an incubator.  We watched some of them hatch.  Sadly one of the little chicks died but the other nine are getting really big.  Most of them are yellow but some are a browny orangey colour.  We all had the chance to stroke or hold one of the chicks but we had to be very careful and very quiet.  They were very soft and their feet were not too scratchy.

Anna, Elsie, Carmen and Ailsa have been practising their writing during structured play. We have been writing thank you letters and practising writing our first name and surname.

Writing our names on PhotoPeach

Rory’ s Star
This week the nursery children and the P1s went for a Welly Waddle in the pouring rain. We all had on our wellies and raincoats. We met Poppet from Moshi Monsters in the gym hall and she lead us out to the astro turf to jump in the puddles and follow a welly waddle course. Lots of mums and dads came to help us. Have a look at some of our photos.

We had great fun even though we were helping to raise money for something sad – Cot Death. We learned that sometimes babies can just die for no reason and this is sad. We know we might feel sad about this but it is okay to still feel happy and to do fun things. We looked out our 1p, 2p and 5p coins and stuck them on to paper wellies.

We have been learning the Welly Song and we watched Aunty Mabel and Pippin from ‘Come Outside’ showing us round the Welly Boot factory and explaining how wellies were made. As homework we designed our own wellies.

p1b welly waddle on PhotoPeach

p1b chinese dragons on PhotoPeach

Chinese Dragons
Primary 1 have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have been learning some of the traditions associated with this special celebration. We know that Chinese people clean their house and put up special decorations like paper flowers and lanterns. We know that red is the colour of luck and that Chinese people give out lucky red envelopes which have money inside them. We have also been learning about which special year it is. 2013 is the year of the snake. We were born in 2007 and that was the year of the pig. Mrs Wilson was born in the year of the monkey and Miss Thain was born in the year of the Ox. We have made special dragons for this celebration and today we had a dragon dance in the playground. Some P7s helped lead our dance and played instruments.

Making Shortbread on PhotoPeachShortbread
Mrs Elgin came in to visit primary 1b to make shortbread and sing Scottish songs. We all worked together to make some delicious shortbread. The smell in the classroom was fabulous. First we needed to get the ingredients – flour, icing sugar, cornflour and butter. We needed to put it all together until it felt a bit like playdough. Then we put it into the tins and used our knuckles to spread it into the tins. When it was cooked we all got to taste it. It was delicious. We wanted to make more shortbread so Miss Thain is making this with some pupils for Golden Time on Friday. Yummy.

p1b scots month on PhotoPeach

We have been learning about sequencing our numbers. We are trying to put the numbers in the correct order up to 20.
p1b numeracy on PhotoPeach

P1B Literacy on PhotoPeach

Have a look at us using playdough and paint to make our letters and words.  It is good fun doing literacy this way.


Senses Christmas Craft

We have been learning all about the five senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. For homework wenwere asked to create a Christmas decoration which incorporated at least one of the senses. Our friends in our class were able to guess which sense we had used. We were able to to show our decoration to the class and explain which senses we had chosen and how we had made the decoration.
p1b the five senses on PhotoPeach

Scottish Book Trust – The Vote

Today was the Primary 1 vote for our favourite book from our Bookbug bag. We all thought the 3 books were great. The books were Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner, The Day Louis Got Eaten by John Fardell and Jack and the FlumFlum Tree by Julia Donaldson. We invited our parents and carers in to help us vote and to vote for their own favourite. When the children in P1b voted there were 2 winners each with 12 votes – Jack and the FlumFlum Tree and The Day Louis Got Eaten. When the mums and dads voted Jack and the FlumFlum Tree won with 5 votes. It was really hard deciding because all the books were good.

Notes on a Story Workshop

P1b took part in a music workshop recently which was inspired by the story Russell the Sheep which is about a sheep that tries a number of ways to get to sleep. Gordon, the leader, encouraged the class to see music as a means of telling a story and helped us learn simple beats and rhythm sequences to accompany parts of the story. We were encouraged to use a selection of instruments to express these beats and rhythms. There were opportunities to try out a number of different instruments. Some of the class had a chance to be the conductor. We were also encouraged to follow the conductor’s instructions.. We worked in small groups and were each assigned a part of the story to make music for. We had to pay close attention to the conductor’s instructions so we knew when it was our turn.
notes on a story workshop on PhotoPeach

Greatest Nativity Yet on PhotoPeach

ICT games and activities

A few parents have asked me to give them some ideas of web sites which they could use with their children. The internet has a huge selection of really good sites and I have listed a selection below which I thought looked quite good. Some of these are for playing independently and some can be played as 1 or 2 player. I hope this gives you some ideas.

Making pictures using shapes

Game – 4 in a row

Literacy games and letters

Pairs game


Makea rhyme

Whack a mole
(You can change the starting number)

Snakes and ladders type game

Number order

Word building ladybird game

Literacy – starting sounds activity

Maths – Big and small

Maths – sequence activity

Matching game

Grammar pupils tell P1 stories

Primary 1 were visited by a group of S5 pupils who are taking a ‘Child Care’ course at school. The group all have a keen interest in working with children after they leave school and as part of their course they had been learning how to tell stories to young children. The pupils were keen to try out their skills with the primary 1 and nursery classes.

Much to the delight of the primary 1 children, the S5 pupils worked in groups to entertain them with stories and props. It was a fabulous afternoon which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Some of the pupils have said what they liked about the stories.

I liked when the daddy bear was reading the story to the little baby bear. (Molly)

I liked when the little bear had his own den. (Carrie)

I liked the bit when little bear and big bear went out. (Julie)

On Monday 26 November primary 1 visited Musselburgh library to listen to Bookbug tell them about a gift they were each going to get. Bookbug gave each primary 1 child a bookbag which contained 4 exciting books and an activity pack. The librarian, Caroline, read the Scottish book – Jordan’s New Jaicket . She said it was quite difficult to read. We also played some games and sang some songs. At the end Caroline drew round our hands so we can add our handprint to the library Christmas tree display.

Later in the afternoon our parents were invited to our class to see us being given our Bookbug bag and to help us look through them and share the stories. Some of our brothers and sisters and Molly’s granma came in too. It was good fun.

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  1. I loved your poem about the crocodile. You read it clearly and with expression. Who would have believed that the little birds were brave enough to clean his teeth! One red sticky spot each from Mrs Gilbert. Well done!

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