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  1. Hi there,

    I was really pleased to know that Musselburgh Burgh were creating a website. I had previously taken it for granted that in this day and age, all schools would have a one.

    So a big thanks to the parent who has helped the Burgh out with creating this.

    I know it’s early days yet, but I was looking for the Term Dates for 2007/08 and hope to see them on the web under Parents’ Zone soon.

    Also wondered if it would be possible to put the lunch rota on? Haven’t found it yet, just in case it is already there. Just an idea. Basically anything we would normally get in paper format would be good on the Web, i.e. dates for future events, forms due back to School with parents signature, meeting minutes etc. or even just a reminder of when things are due (noticeboard).

  2. A big well done to Fraser Mcleod Primary 1b (from his mum) for winning the Rotary Photography Competition, we are very proud! Thankyou to Mrs Wilson for coming along to the presentation which was held in the Quay and supporting all the winners.

  3. Just brilliant. Great to see the kids taking-on their own website. I’m just starting a new business, so I think I’ll have to consult Lewis and the team on designing my website.

  4. Sorry to hear Mr Park is leaving. Lucy has really enjoyed having him for reading. Good luck Mr Park!!

  5. Many thanks to everyone for your comments and great suggestions about our School Website. We will discuss these at the next Burgh School Council meeting and endeavour to make these improvements over the coming weeks.

  6. I was a pupil at The Burgh in the 1970s and am very pleased to see that it is still going strong. The standard of education was excellent – I moved on to an independent school in Edinburgh and they were very impressed. I hope this continues today.

    My headteacher in those days was Mr Borland. Mrs Samuel (with tause in pocket) was the head of juniors, and Miss Moffat (very scary lady) was head of infants. Mr Landles was the caretaker (janitor?).

    We had separate boys’ and girls’ entrances after playtime, and had a tuck shop in a room that was supposed to do woodwork. Maybe the boys did do woodwork, but the girls wouldn’t have known because they did needlework with Miss Macgregor. I still remember the stitches 30 years on.

  7. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff, children and parents for all the good wishes and gifts that I received on leaving the Burgh last Friday. It meant such a lot to me. The Burgh is, and always will be, very special to me and I will miss all of you very much. I wish all of you the very best for the future and remember kids – stick in – because I’ll be keeping tabs on you all.

    Take care
    Lots of Love
    Janice Butler

  8. I also attended the Burgh in the 70’s and was in the class of ’79 who recently had a reunion which went very well -thanks to Richard, James, Gillian and Lorna for organising it. We hope to have another! I also have memories of Mr Borland, Mrs Samuel, Mrs Cochrane (Sewing), Miss McGregor, Miss Moffat, Mrs Archibald, Mrs Baillie, Miss Holgate, Mrs Teasdale, Mrs Brown, Mr Landells (janitor – I helped with the milk bottles and got an extra bottle of milk) Mrs Clelland – school secretary and Mrs Elliot – dinner lady. Miss Moffat I found very scary, Mr Samuel ruled very fairly and although very stern had twinkly orangey/brown eyes. Mr Borland used to make some funny facial expressions and go up and down on his tiptoes during assembly. Mrs Archibald was sooo lovely and was my favourite teacher and her daughter Mrs Baillie was also lovely. We met her last week and I couldn’t believe it as she looks so young. All the Burgh teachers seem to keep their youthful looks. Must be because it is such a lovely place to work. My wee boy attends nursery there and starts Primary 1 this year and we are delighted as the school is great and has a lovely environment and welcoming feel to it and everyone’s memories of it are good ones. I loved the school dinners – swiss apple charlotte, caramel flan and pouring cream, chocolate mousse and syrup songe and custard – ah , it takes me back. The new playground improvements are great too although I was disappointed the ship is no longer there. Keep up the good work Burgh Team – you do a wonderful job.

  9. Well Done P7, how exciting!! a movie “Watch out Gossip Girl fans!”

    Just wanted to say thanks to Mrs Gilbert for info on Parents Maths Training. Unfortunately, its official, I must be the oldest parent at the school – having left the Burgh in 1974 and Grammar in 1977, I was the only parent out of 150 who wanted to learn how to check P7’s homework. ELC phoned to say they wouldnt do it just for me – looks like I’ll need to do my own homework on line.

  10. Well done to all of Primary 3 for their fantastic Egyptian Project. The costumes were very realistic as were the “artifacts” that the children had made.
    P3 obviously enjoyed learning about ancient Egypt and were keen to share this with parents when we visited.
    Keep up the good work P3.

  11. Thank you very much Primary 7 and Mrs Gilbert for your wonderful hospitality at the Open Day today. The shortbread was delicious and we really enjoyed the exhibition and speaking to some of you.
    Good luck with the movie!

  12. Good luck to Isla’s Netball team, in their first game. (from Isla’s mum)

  13. Just wanted to say “Well Done” to all P3 for the “Bus Tour” Assembly on 5th March. You all done a really good job. Really enjoyed it.

  14. Well done to P7 on your appearance on STV. You all did really well and it was great to get a sneaky peek of all the work that you are doing. Keep it up!

  15. Well done to all those involved in the fantastic fashion show on Friday night and well done to all the kids, they all done great! (Isla Duffys, mum)

  16. Thanks to Mrs Gilbert and Miss Maclaughlan for taking Mel & some of the P7 to Benmore Residential Centre – I hear a great time was had by all who stayed till Friday.
    A very worthwhile experience.

  17. i think my kids will love this school for now on keep it going school crew/staff

  18. Hi I olso went to this school in 67-69 when we imigrated to Australia if any one has any photos please contact me. keep up the good work public education.

  19. The performance today, by P6/7 pupils of The Legend of King Loth, was outstandingly good in every way. I was so impressed by the effort made by every single person. Despite having only a short rehearsal period, the standard of each strand of performance was high.
    Those professionals,aided by the teachers, seemed to inspire the children. I loved the music. CONGRATULATIONS

  20. I remember Burgh School with fond memories.
    Miss Rutherford, great teacher, also Mrs Samuel , Miss Paterson, Mrs Brown and I was in 4b,5b,6b and 7b, but there was a man teacher who tought 7a. Fairly rare for that period in time. Great school diners also. I aslo remember having singing classes from Mrs Welsh

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