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On Monday 26th May, Mrs Davis, a Dentist Nurse, visited our P2a class to talk about her work and how she helps children to brush and rinse their teeth.
She shared information with us and took some questions. We have learnt that we should be brushing our teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for at least 2 minutes.
Mrs Davis also gave us a paper brush with some more information on how to look after our teeth .

Mr Norris, a local firefighter, visited our P2a class to talk about his work and how he likes to help people.
We have learnt that the job of firefighter is essential in protecting communities and performing many of the following tasks:
• Advising how to prevent fire cases to people or organisations.
• Rescuing injured people.
• Putting out fires in buildings.
• Checking that safety regulations are met in houses and work places.
We also had a chance to try on Mr Norris’ uniform and we took turns to wear his helmet and special boots.

Mr, Sluman a local Lollipopman, visited our P2a class to talk about his work and how he helps children to safely cross roads.
We learnt that lollipopmen are based in busy roads at a pelican crossing, a zebra crossing, or just an ordinary point on the road widely used as a crossing. We also learnt that the stop sign has the word “STOP”. The black strip is used to record, with chalk, the registration numbers of motorists that do not stop.

Ms Fordyce, a Midwife, visited our P2a class to talk about her work and how she helps Mums to deliver and look after their babies.
We learnt that Midwives work together and support Mums throughout pregnancy, birth, and during the postnatal period too. We also learnt that when the baby has grown enough, your midwife may listen to the baby’s heart rate with a hand-held device called Pinard stethoscope. We all had a turn to listen to each other’s hearts.

P,C Smith a local Policeman, visited our P2a class to talk about his work and how he protects us from danger.
We learnt that Police is keeping everyone in the community safe. We learnt how important is to keep ourselves safe when driving in the car, when visiting busy shops and when crossing busy roads.
We also learnt what to do in case we get lost in a shop. PC Smith gave us important advice on how to speak to shop assistants or how to share our name and address in case of an emergency.

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P2a joined the Lempen Puppet show called ‘The fisherman and the Pearl’ to learn about the importance of protecting life in the oceans and seas that cover 70% of our planet.
We learnt interesting facts and what we can do to protect the oceans from litter and pollution.

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Science Week 31.3.14 – 4.4.14

During Science week P2a has learnt about Animal Habitats and how they build and look after their homes.
We have also made rain shakers with kitchen rolls, crayons, elastic bands and rice and we joined the “Cool Creatures” show in the Assembly Hall.
Everyone was very enthusiastic to see and being able to hold amazing animals such as a python, a dragon, a skunk and a tortoise.
What an amazing week!
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Blue Triangle Event
On the Friday 28.3.14 we all dressed down and joined indifferent activities around the classes to raise money for the local charity “Blue Triangle”.
Mrs Davidson came to class to help us running the Arts&Crafts workshop and make some creative blue glitter frames.
During Assembly, Mrs Fulton shared some important facts about homeless people and what we can do to help them.
We all had great fun and we raised money for a great cause.
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Blue Triangle
To link our topic “Houses and Homes” with our local community, P2a had a very interesting chat with the “Blue Triangle” charity to share their experience with young homeless people.
They shown us various pictures of people and we needed to guess if they were or not homeless.
Alongside with P2b, we are going to share our learning about “Houses and Homes” during Assembly.

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To celebrate the Scottish Month, P2a learnt about Scottish clans and the various types of tartan patterns. Rhys brought an example of his Scottish clan.
We watched a video about how tartan was made in the Scottish mills and as a class, we decided to have our very own “Weaving Mill” in the role-play area. We all gathered examples of wool, knitting magazines and tartan clothes.
In small groups, we took turns to read the instructions and weave patterns step by step.
We also wrote a letter to Mrs Suleman, Mrs Wilson’s Mum, a specialist in knitting and weaving. Before her visit, in pairs we wrote a list of questions we would like to ask her. When she came to our class, we were surprised to see her coming with so many bags full of natural wool and weaving tools! She gave us a demonstration and we then follow her steps.
Mrs Suleman kindly left us 2 weaving tools for us to follow up. It was a great afternoon and we really enjoyed learning about weaving tartan patterns.
And to end our special month, we wrote a recipe to make “Shortbread”. Mrs Crawford helped us to mix all the ingredients, pour the dough and cut the shapes out. We then put the biscuits in the oven for 15 minutes.
At the end of the day we all went home with a Scottish treat to celebrate the great month!

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School trip to Dynamic Earth – 28.11.13
We visited Dynamic Earth to celebrate our Dinosaur project. We all had a great time discovering life in the past.
“I liked when I touched the ice.” Lacy
“I liked to go to the time machine.” Lochlan
“It was very exciting to see and touch dinosaur bones.” Jay
“I liked to see the size of dinosaur bones.” Rhys
“I had a chance to be an Paleontologist and brush the sand to find a dinosaur fossils.” Andrew
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Hibernating animals 25.11.13- 6.12.13
We have learnt how some animals hibernate in winter to survive the cold.
We learnt that hibernation is like a deep sleep.
Examples of hibernating animals are…
“Ladybirds” Jasmine
“Bears” Alex
“Ground squirrels” Andrew
“Bumble bees” Leah
“Hedgehogs” Jay
“Some snakes” Karis
“Bats” Lochlan
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At Numeracy time we like to share our knowledge of numbers up to 100 by playing Number games.
We learn to take turns and help others when they are stuck. We have been adding and taking away amounts using the abacus.
reading Buddies

P2a Children in Need 2013

s MacLaughlan visited our class for the last time before leaving the school. She went around the classroom to show us her new bracelet.
We also made a Good-luck charm with glittery paper and shimmering colours with a farewell message written on the back.
Wishing you all the best Miss MacLaughlan!

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Our Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils are to participate in a Reading Buddy Scheme again this year. The P7 pupils have been trained as Big Buddies and will be paired up to read with a P2 pupil for twenty minutes per week.

The main aims of the Reading Buddy scheme are –
• To raise reading confidence
• To raise self-esteem and self-confidence
• To increase feelings of responsibility and commitment to those taking part in the scheme and to the school community as a whole
• To develop and increase communication and social skills.

The children will find out who their buddies are this week and badges and certificates will be presented in assembly.

Next Wednesday at 2.15pm the children will have their first reading buddy session together.

Over the years, the Reading Buddy scheme has proved to be a very important part of the curriculum for both Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils. Please help to keep the profile of this scheme high by asking your child about their Buddy and about the time they spend reading together.

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September 2013
P2a has been learning about Dinosaurs. As a class project, we have been designing and creating dinosaur models with our families using recycling materials.
We have had some examples of Tyrannosaurs Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyls, Triceratops…some in 3D and others in 2D shape.
We have also listened to brief descriptions of each of them, highlighting their main features, food habits and places where they lived.
What a great Jurassic adventure! Grrrrrrr!

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This is our class charter. We know that we have the right to be safe and to have an education but that means we have the responsibility to follow the golden rules so that we can all learn together.Growing beans on PhotoPeach







We germinated beans and watched the roots and shoots start to grow. They are now plants, we’ve planted them in soil and we have taken them home.

Rosie on PhotoPeach Our friend Rene has been coming home with us. We tell the class about all his adventures. So far he has been to the library, to feed the ducks, he has watched telly, played games and dressing up. He has played ‘Hot Wheels’ and had pizza for his tea. He visited Miss Robson’s new house and slept on the couch.

Good Manners on PhotoPeach For Good Manners week we practised using and knife and fork. We went to the hall with the P7s and CP1 and tried to cut a banana into a lot of pieces. Karis cut the most pieces. Then we had tea parties in class. We used our knives and forks again. We said ‘Please may I have the butter’ and ‘Please may I have the jam’. We even washed and cleaned up after ourselves. Good job P1!

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Our new project is all about art and artists.

Last week we were looking at how shapes are used in art. We have looked at paintings by Escher, Mondrian, Klee and Kandinsky. We have spotted squares, triangles, rectangles and circles in the pictures.

We have been painting our own pictures, inspired by Kandinsky’s ‘Study of Concentric Circles’.



On Monday 25th February a real artist, Gerry McGowan came into P1 to visit us. He showed us his paintings. He likes to paint people especially at the beach. He always carries a sketch book around so he can sketch ideas then he paints later in his studio.

He showed us how we can mix colours of paint to make new colours. Red and yellow make orange.

We learned some new words:

sketchbook – a book to jot ideas in, you can sketch with pencil or make splodgy people with paint

studio – the place where an artist works and paints

portrait – a picture of a person

canvas – a block made of wood and material to paint on

Mr McGowan encouraged us to make lots of paintings and to enjoy drawing and painting.


As part of our Scottish topic the children have been learning how to ceilidh dance. Click on this link to see how well they did.

Rory’ s Star
This week the nursery children and the P1s went for a Welly Waddle in the pouring rain. We all had on our wellies and raincoats. We met Poppet from Moshi Monsters in the gym hall and she lead us out to the astro turf to jump in the puddles and follow a welly waddle course. Lots of mums and dads came to help us. Have a look at some of our photos.

We had great fun even though we were helping to raise money for something sad – Cot Death. We learned that sometimes babies can just die for no reason and this is sad. We know we might feel sad about this but it is okay to still feel happy and to do fun things. We looked out our 1p, 2p and 5p coins and stuck them on to paper wellies.

We have been learning the Welly Song and we watched Aunty Mabel and Pippin from ‘Come Outside’ showing us round the Welly Boot factory and explaining how wellies were made. As homework we designed our own wellies.

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Primary 1a have been learning all about Scotland. We have been dancing to Scottish music, learning about tartan and wearing it, learning Scottish songs and hearing Scottish stories. At Golden Time some pupils chose to make tartan kilts while some others decided to do Scottish baking and made scones. We have also been making thistles, flags, writing Scottish words, learning about the Loch Ness Monster and making shortbread. We have listened to lots of stories about Scottish characters like Hairy Maclary, Nessie and Katie Morag. We have written our own stories about Hairy Maclary and Nessie. We have learned some Scots words like; neb (your nose), oxters (your armpits) and bahookie (your bottom! We think this one is really funny!)

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We have been learning about sequencing our numbers. We are trying to put the numbers in the correct order up to 20. We are beginning to add numbers together too!

We have learned about all 26 letters now. We are practising writing them, finding them and making them in different ways. We can paint them, make them from playdough, write them, make them from crisps at snack time, from straw wrappers on the floor and even from ourselves! We have a lovely display outside our classroom with lots of ‘y’s. Come in on Thursday and see!

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Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Primary 1a have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have been learning some of the traditions associated with this special celebration. We know that Chinese people clean their house and put up special decorations like paper flowers and lanterns. We know that red is the colour of luck and that Chinese people give out lucky red envelopes which have money inside them. We have also been learning about which special year it is. 2013 is the year of the snake. We have made special dragons for this celebration with Mrs McLeod the art teacher. Later in the week we are going to try using chopsticks and try some Chinese tea and prawn crackers.

We went up to see the chicks in P3. First we saw the eggs. The eggs were moving so we knew there must be chicks inside. Then we saw the chicks. We think they are very cute!

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Scottish Book Trust – The Vote

Today was the Primary 1 vote for our favourite book from our Bookbug bag. We all thought the 3 books were great. The books were Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner, The Day Louis Got Eaten by John Fardell and Jack and the FlumFlum Tree by Julia Donaldson. We invited our parents and carers in to help us vote and to vote for their own favourite. When the children in P1a voted there was a clear winner with 14 votes: -The Day Louis Got Eaten. When the mums and dads voted Jack and the FlumFlum Tree and Solomon Crocodile tied with 2 votes each. It was really hard deciding because all the books were good

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A few parents have asked me to give them some ideas of web sites which they could use with their children. The internet has a huge selection of really good sites and I have listed a selection below which I thought looked quite good. Some of these are for playing independently and some can be played as 1 or 2 player. I hope this gives you some ideas.

Making pictures using shapes

Game – 4 in a row

Literacy games and letters

Pairs game


Makea rhyme

Whack a mole
(You can change the starting number)

Snakes and ladders type game

Number order

Word building ladybird game

Literacy – starting sounds activity

Maths – Big and small

Maths – sequence activity

Matching game

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Welcome to P1!
We are all working together to learn in P1a.

September 2012

We are learning about caterpillars and butterflies. We have been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have made caterpillar models and butterfly lifecycles, we have written our own ‘Hungry’ or ‘Thirsty Caterpillar’ stories and we have watched a videoclip of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Now we are waiting for our own class caterpillars to transform. We have been making caterpillar, snail and butterfly pictures using fingerprints, paint, paper shapes and torn paper. Please come into class for ‘drop-in’ on Thursdays and see our displays.

We are learning about symmetry. We can identify symmetry in real life, we have made symmetrical butterfly pictures using paint and counters.

We are learning about words and letters at literacy time. We can name the sounds and names of the letters; a, t, p, m, n, h, e, i and s. We are practising writing these letters on paper, whiteboards, in sand and in shaving foam and making their shapes from playdough. We can use these letters to make 3 letter words.

We are learning about numbers. We can put numerals in the right order. We can count forwards and backwards. We can make patterns to show numbers and put two groups of counters together and count them as one group.

In the gym we are learning to use the equipment safely. We can practise our throwing and catching skills with beanbags and fluffballs. We can roll, balance and throw quoits and hoops. We can climb and balance on a bench and jump from it safely.

We are learning to read. We love the stories about Kipper and his family. We are beginning to read the words of our books ourselves.

November 2012

We love stories. Last week some S5 students from Musselburgh Grammar came to P1 and the nursery to tell stories. The stories were great fun, we loved the one with the scary troll.

On Monday we went to the library and met Caroline, the librarian. She read us some stories and sang some songs with us. She told us all about bookbug and showed us the special books bookbug has for us. Mums and dads were invited to come in for a story and everyone got a bookbug bag to take home and share with their family. There are 4 books in the bag and we will vote on which one we like the best.

We tried this out last week in class. We read 4 Eric Carle stories and we voted on which one we liked the best. After the vote there were 3 books in a tie so Miss Robson had to read 3 stories on Friday! It was ok though, she likes telling stories.

We are learning all about ourselves and our senses in class. We have been using our eyes to play observation game and using our sense of touch to talk about textures and find things in the feely bag.

Today we went to the pantomime. The witch and thunder and lightning were a bit scary but we loved Puss in Boots and the Princess.

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