Primary 1a 2013-14

Welcome to the Primary 1a page. Please look regularly to see what we have been learning.

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Marie Curie

Water Experiments on PhotoPeach

We have been investigating the properties of water in P1A. We wanted to see what happened when we added different materials to water and what changes would happen.
We added flour, spices, salt and oil to water and made gingerbread dough. This was a solid.
We added water to cornflour and made gloop or gluck. This looked solid but when you picked it up it turned into a liquid and was very drippy.
We added sparkles and juice to water and have put the containers in the freezer. On Wednesday we will be taking them out to have a look and see what has happened to the water. We will take photos and tell you what has happened next week.
Water can change in lots of ways. We are learning about the water cycle at the moment. We will show you what that looks like soon.

Making Bread And Soup on PhotoPeach
P1A have been learning about healthy meals and recipes. We made vegetable soup and baked wholemeal bread, tomato and parmesan bread and whole grain bread. We enjoyed kneading the dough and watching the dough double in size. This is called proofing the dough.
We tasted the soup and bread and some people had seconds and thirds of the soup. We took a vote to find out the most popular bread eaten and top prize went to the tomato and parmesan bread.
Some of the children said that they did not eat vegetables but they tried the soup and loved it.

In P1a, we have been practising blending our sounds together to make 3 letter words. Here are some that we have blended on our own. We have learned the following letters and their sounds so far. They are p t a n I s m r e h do g f u b.
These Are The P1s on PhotoPeach

Primary 1a have been reading the book Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae. Today a specialist dance teacher visited us and taught us how to dance the Cha Cha Cha, Tango and the Waltz. Watch our movie to see if we can dance better than the Giraffe!

First week at school photographs.

First Week on PhotoPeach

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