Primary 1b 2013-14

p6/7 and p1 buddy time on PhotoPeach

Primary 1,2 and 3 performed their Christmas Show, Hew Ewe to a packed hall. The parents thought the singing, dancing and acting were all superb. Mrs Gilbert was very proud of us all.

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This is Scottish Book Week. P6 came to our class to read us some new books. We will be voting on our favourite book this week and then we will let the Book Trust know. Updated – Our favourite book is Paper Dolls written by Julia Donaldson

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Over the past week we have been learning what happens to water when it is frozen and when it is heated. We found out that it changes from a liquid to a solid or to a gas. We had fun playing with frozen water.

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Target Setting
Some of our mummies and daddies came to school on Friday for our target setting assembly. They then visited our classroom and helped us to write our targets in our passports. When we were finished we all had breakfast.

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P1b went for a walk to look for signs of autumn. We saw that the leaves had changed coloured and were falling from the trees. We saw a squirrel looking for food to hide for the winter.

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Primary 1B have been reading the book Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andreae. Today a specialist dance teacher visited us and taught us how to dance the Cha Cha Cha, Tango and the Waltz. Watch our movie to see if we can dance better than the Giraffe!

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Welcome to the Primary 1b page. Please look regularly to see what we have been doing.

Primary 1b have been moving over, off and along the benches during P.E. lessons. They have been crawling, hopping, jumping and sliding.

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First week in Primary 1.
First week in Primary 1b on PhotoPeach

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