Primary 3 – 2013-14

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We are now in Primary 3. Please check here to see what we have been doing in school.Egyptians trip on PhotoPeach

P3 had great fun making guitar charms for Miss Maclaughlan’s leaving assembly!













P3 have been enjoying their rugby sessions with Andrew and Bart!

























Please click here to see our assembly.

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P2 had a fabulous morning on Wednesday, even though it was pouring with rain!
We built special nests for our eggs to keep them safe. Some of us seemed to think we were building a nest for an Eagle. They were huge, but very well designed. I wonder if they will still be there next time we go!
We learnt how to tie knots and used this new found skill to tie wood together to make picture frames.
Finally, when we all started to get a little cold, we played a game of ‘Owl and Mouse’ to keep us warm. It was good fun, but very difficult walking in the forest with a blindfold on!
It was a great day!

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For our Scottish Topic, P2 had the opportunity to visit the tartan shop in Musselburgh and learn about how kilts are made, see a huge variety of different tartans and find our own family tartan!

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Do you like the Kilts we made ourselves? What about our Scottish thistles? Don’t they look fantastic?!

Thanks to primary 3 for letting us come in and learn all about their chicks. We had the opportunity to hold them and see one trying to crack through its own shell! They were adorable!

The last month in primary 2 has been a busy time. We have been learning to use our notes to help us when we write and have used our knowledge of shape and patterns to make some super designs.  


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  1. Lovely to see the photos of the P1’s Health Week. It’s good to hear the stories of each day, but better to see photos of the kids doing their activities so you can get a better understanding.

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