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Baking Gingerbread Men

We put all the ingredients in the bowl.

We mixed the mixture with the spoon.

After the stirring, we rolled the mixture out with the rolling pin.

We cut out Gingerbread Men shapes using Gingerbread Men shaped cutters.

We put the Gingerbread Men shapes on a tray.

We put them in the Nursery oven to cook for 15 minutes.

They were very yummy and we had fun making them!

We all wrote a set of instructions with Miss Armstrong and Mrs Barbour to show how we made our Gingerbread Men.

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We are now in Primary 1. Please scroll down to see what we are doing in school.

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Health week 2011


Miss Bryce and Primary 1 had a very busy health week. We got to do lots of activities during that week. We did some activities in the classroom, some in the assembly or gym hall and even got to finish our week by going on our Musselburgh walk!


PC Smith came in to tell us all about being a police officer and some of us got to see what it feels like to wear parts of the uniform. We did Tai kwon do in the gym hall and danced in the classroom to the Hippo and the Dog.


Mrs Duncan and Mrs Crawford helped us to make our own vegetable soup and bread. We got to taste 4 different types of bread! Miss Bryce showed us what salsa dancing looks like.


After watching a fabulous circus show we got to try some of the tricks all by ourselves.


Have a look at our fabulous photographs and you can see how much fun we had at the Burgh during health week.

Primary 1 Health Week

Please check our page often to see what we are doing in Nursery.


Primary seven made books for the nursery children. When they were finished the P7s came to the nursery to read us their stories. Scroll down to see our photographs. [nggallery id=58]

The nursery recently had a visitor who told us about recycling. Please scroll down to see some photographs. [nggallery id=57]

This was a joint effort to build an igloo by Alice (P3) and Joseph (preschool).

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