Primary 5

 P5 at health week on PhotoPeach

We have been learning about living

things and made a wall display to show

what we have learned. 



65 thoughts on “Primary 5”

  1. Our project is romans and celts .what finley, matthew and matthew is a roundhouse that is what the romans have to live in .

  2. At school we never get bored with eachother!

    but without eachother we are bored!

    cerys and i are best friends!! =)

  3. we are sponsered by domino’s yyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiipppppppppppp

  4. I Cant wait for Burgh’s Got Talent Auditions!!!
    Me And Two Of My Friends Are Judges And Its Going To Be So Much Fun!!!
    There Will Be Auditions For Acts And For One Or Two Presenters For The Show!!
    The Show Will Be On The 31st Of March Which Is A Wedensday So Get Practicing!!!

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