Primary 3/4 – 2013-14

Health week
P3/4 had a wonderful health week. We learned lots of different ways to keep ourselves healthy and really enjoyed all the activities which help us keep fit. We had a brilliant time with Mrs Duncan creating pictures of citrus fruit for the dining hall to remind us all to make healthy choices about what we eat.
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National Museum of Scotland
On Monday 28th October P3/4 explored the National Museum of Scotland for Egyptian artefacts and we found out lots of information. We learned how bodies were mummified and why Ancient Egyptians believed this was so important. We each kept a log book of all the information we found including what objects Egyptians tried to take to the afterlife and why. Some pupils even got to hold artefacts that are over 3000 years old!

Canopic Jars
After learning about how bodies were mummified P3/4 had a go at making their own canopic jars out of clay. We looked at pictures of the originals and then chose one each. We made a pinch pot for the base and then moulded the heads to look like the ones in the picture. Duamatef, a jackal’s head which guarded the stomach, was the most popular choice in our class.

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North Berwick by bus and train 5.6.13

We took the bus up to the train station to travel to North Berwick.
The train arrived on time. We counted the number of stations until North Berwick and we drew what we could see out of window.
We had a great time playing scavenger hunt, making transient art and playing rounders on the beach.
On the way back, Mr Maciver helped us to stop and catch the number 30 bus on time. It was a great adventure!

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Musselburgh Harbour

We took a little time to visit the local Harbour to observe the brightly coloured boats.
We grouped ourselves with a parent helper and we drew the boats in detail: the bow, the stern and the main sail tight to the mast.
We learnt that harbour walls were built to protect the fishing boats during storms.

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P2/3 visited the High Street to observe various types of transport.
For ease of counting we completed a Tally chart. This helped us to sort and organise our information.
Back in class, we displayed the data and we reached the conclusion that the most popular vehicle was the car while the most environmentally friendly mode of transport was the bicycle.
We all had a great time and we had a big surprise when we spotted a Tractor along the High Street!!!

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During ICT time, we have been enjoying copying, pasting and saving transport pictures into our own Project Room folders.
We feel it’s better to work with a partner because we can ask, discuss, help each other and share experiences.

We are now beginning to organise and save our own work, renaming the folder each time we create a new one.

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At ERIC time, P2/3 enjoys reading various stories, comics and facts.
Pupils like to choose a book from the Library area and take it to their table. Then in silence, they read it quietly at their own pace so they have time to think, dream and imagine. Stories have tremendous power to teach… and we all love them!

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29.4.13 “Good Manners” week
P2/3 teamed up with P4 to the Banana challenge at the School Dinning Hall. They all had a great time cutting thin slices of banana with their knives and forks in a short period of time. Our class winner was Isla with more than 46 slices! Well done Isla!

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This week P2/3 have been learning to recycle, reuse and reduce waste. Pupils have shared and discussed the idea that everyone plays a part in the future of our planet.
We mentioned environmental projects around our school, for example recycling, energy saving and planting.

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Eco workshop: baskets and bracelets 18.3.13

P2/3 and P6 teamed up together to make baskets and bracelets out of recycling materials. Everyone had a great time exchanging ideas and giving a hand to each other.

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Red Nose Day 15.3.13

On Red Nose Day P2/3 joined P4 to create a variety of activities to raise money for those in need. We all shared games together such as building with lego, painting, face painting, using the interactive board and playing musical statues.
Finlay won the prize for the best Superhero costume and we all ended the fantastic day drawing something funny.
Well done P2/3 and P4!!!

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P2/3 slideshow Primary 2/3 enjoying the opportunity to explore artefacts from Fisher Row. Pupils were able to dress up in traditional clothes of fishwives and fishermen. Look at tools used in the fishing industry and look at pictures of fisher Row from the past.

The pupils were shocked to find out how different life would have been for them if they had lived in the past. No computer games, TV some radio and playing outside in all weather.

The pupils creating John Bellany inspired painting. Bellany comes from Port Seton and creates fishing inspired paintings.

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Primary 2/3 experimenting with floating and sinking, we first tested to see if a ball of plastercine would float or sink. We discussed why it sank and also how we might get it to float. The children then created a boat shape from the plastercine and tested again.

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Primary 2/3 enjoying a drama story telling session. The class were taken on a magical journey to travel with Hansel and Gretel. They left bread crumbs, got lost and even defeated a wicked witch who lived in a tasty gingerbread house

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