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P7 Forensic Science morning at MGS on PhotoPeach

P7 Forensic Science morning at MGS on PhotoPeach

Innerwick 2012 Day 1: Bridge and den building on PhotoPeach

Innerwick 2012 Day 1: Bridge and den building on PhotoPeach

Innerwick 2012 evening on PhotoPeach

Innerwick 2012 evening on PhotoPeach

Innerwick day 2 on PhotoPeach

Innerwick day 2 on PhotoPeach

P7 easter buddy treat on PhotoPeach

Structured play tasks – photos.

Twice a week, P7b can choose from a selection of tasks.  These are planned and linked to topic, RME, literacy, numeracy and maths etc.  These photos were taken by the pupils themselves as one of the tasks is to take photos and download them.



























Wednesday 13th March

P7b went into Edinburgh to the National Library of Scotland on George IV Bridge to take part in a drama workshop.  The workshop was provided by Citizen Theatre group and was about Macbeth.

We first did some warm up games, one of which was to hurl insults at each other in Shakespearean language!  That was lots of fun!  We then listened to the 3 witches’ speech and discussed what they were saying.  After that we all took turns in groups to recite a section of the speech.  Adam, Rory and Keith put on great voices.  Finally we improvised a role play between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth about whether he should kill King Duncan.

The drama really helped us understand the play and was lots of fun!



Henna patterns


At Guides, Cerys and Rebecca M were told about henna patterns and how to apply them onto their hands by an Indian visitor.  They shared this in class because P7 are studying India at the moment.



We are now in P7.  Please scroll down to see what we are doing in school.
Model Chairs
P7b were investigating angles in maths and looked at chair design as a way to use angles in a real life situation. Over the February break, the class were set a challenge to design and make a chair from recycled material. They look fab! Even Barbie approves!

Model chair mania! on PhotoPeach

More model chair mania! on PhotoPeach

P7b have been making Christmas Toys for Science….then they went to show them to P1a.



























P7b had lots of fun during Health Week learning about diet and fitness.  We took part in activities ranging from a fitness class by Bannatyne’s gym to blind food tasting.  We even used our sense of smell to guess the herb.  Even the boys found cheerleading and hip hop dance fun!



Visit to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.


Primary 7b went on a trip to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. We visited Edinburgh Castle first and we had great fun. We met Mary Queen of Scots. She took us into a room where the girls got changed into dresses and the boys got changed into tunics. She taught us a dance in separate groups. Girls first then boys. Once everyone had learned the dance we put it all together. It was amazing.


Once we had finished at the castle we walked down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace. When we were walking down the Royal Mile we passed some closes and wynds and the Grave stone cobble that showed where John Knox was buried.

Inside the Palace we visited the Hall of Fame where we saw paintings of Mary Queen of Scots and her family.




Here are some photos of P7 and P2 reading buddies.  All the P7s have had training in how to deliver the sessions and they are all very excited about it.  Some quotes: “I’m really excited and I love being helpful” – Kieran P7b, “I get to help the P2s to read” – Robbie P7b, “I’m looking forward to working with younger children” – Emma P7b.

P7 have had 2 sessions so far and they will take place every Thursday pm.

















We have been looking at Hamlet written by William Shakespeare during Drama in Primary 6 with Miss Reid.

We have been learning about the characters, plot and language used in this play.

In class we read the part of the play where Hamlet discovers the Ghost of his Father was telling the truth and his Uncle Claudius had killed him. We then made this scene more modern and acted it out for the class.






Here  is an  picture of P6s amazing  dance moves in the oprea on the 22nd of march!                                                                                                                                                                           We are now in Primary 6! Please keep scrolling through our page to see what we are doing.

P6 have been learning Scots poems, Songs and Dances for there Scots Assembly. They did a Brilliant job. They were all so confident and they did an amazing job reciting poems dancing there dances so well. Some adults couldnt dance as well as them. Well done primary 6.

Janna’s amazing snowman

An activity for the snowy weather!

‘We have been learning how to write a personal account in class. We have looked at good adjectives to describe how we feel and how to use direct speech in our writing.
I would like you to write a personal account about you experiences in the snow this past week. Remember it is written in 1st person as it is your experiences and make sure it is interesting so it grabs the readers attention.

I look forward to reading them.
Miss Reid

Europe Topic

Brrrrrrrrrrr! Freeeeeeeezing!!! For all of P6 at Musselburgh Burgh outside problem solving –
1. how many snowballs would I need to make a tower as high as Mr Tully?
2. when I’m rolling my snowball to make a snowman what is the optimum size to stop rolling at before it becomes too heavy to lift?
3. if the local hardware store are out of sleds should I use a tea-tray or the top of a lego box?

For those stuck indoors It is a good time to start looking at your Europe project, here are a couple of fun websites to get you going…

A bientot, mes enfants!

Be A Mathematician

For all the Musselburgh Burgh P6 mathematicians out there, particularly those in my maths setting, here’s a couple of maths problems to keep you occupied whilst your wellies are drying out. They are both to do with our current topic ’measurement’. – all in a jumble – chippy the robot

Here’s a great advent calendar for you to have a go at too – good luck!

”There’s more to life than books you know… but not much more”.
For all those in my reading group we are moving on from novels to non-fiction. In the run up to Christmas we are going to be looking at adverts, the ’stories’ that they are telling us as well as how and why they are telling us these ’stories’. Could you bring in to school on Monday adverts from newspapers and magazines that you think are aimed at:
1 – Men
2 – Women
3 – Children
4 – The whole family

We will also be looking at TV adverts as well. Here’s one of my favourites:

What is the significance of the girl’s purple dress and hair clip?

Reading between the lines!

Good morning campers and everyone in P6 at the Burgh! If you’re growing slightly tired of the snow as I am and want to catch up on some project work there are internet facilities available at local libraries as well as loads of great books!

The following libraries will be open as usual this morning – Dunbar, Haddington, Musselburgh, North Berwick, Prestonpans, Tranent, and Wallyford. A decision regarding East Linton Library will be made shortly. Information regarding opening times this afternoon will be available later this morning.

If you are not a member already, JOIN! As we found out on our school trip to Musselburgh Library, libraries are not only a great resource but lots of fun too!

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft!
A couple of useful links for those in P6 at the Burgh to help with their science topic on space.
The first is NASA’s official website which has some great interactive resources, you can even send holiday greetings to the astronauts on the Space Station

The second is something to play your parents and ask them if they remember the song and the TV series…

May the force be with you!

‘P6 had an enjoyable but cold morning at the Musselburgh Cluster Rugby Festival. Thanks to the parent helpers for making it possible. Obviously it’s all about the taking part but at least one of our teams remained unbeaten – Murrayfield here we come!’

[nggallery id=36]

Picture 1 – ‘Matthew Collins making a dash for the line out of the rising sun – cunning tactic, Matthew!’

Picture 2 – ‘Scrum down – we might have a few too many volunteers for the front row!’

East Links Family Park
‘On Tuesday 23 November P6 visited East Links Family Park along with five other schools for a series of workshops to explore the links between food and farming. The event was set up by the Royal Highland Educational Trust, an offshoot of the Royal Highland Show. Thanks to them for setting up the day and to Isla’s dad for being the parent helper on the day.

P6 were complimented at the end of the day by the organisers and all the farmers involved for being the best behaved, engaged and attentive of the classes there, well done P6! Mr Tully and Miss Reid were delighted with you too.’

Wheat – ‘Rory grinding wheat for the bread’

Butter – ‘Tommy churning the milk for the butter’

Eggs – ‘Checking the eggs for their freshness’

Cattle – ‘Ellie and Chloe wary of milking the cow’

Tagged – ‘Jake getting his ears tagged’

Shear – ‘ Courtney contemplating shaering Jake!’

Tractor – ‘Farmer’s boys and girls.’

Please scroll down to see our slideshow.
[nggallery id=35]

This is Lucy, Lauren and Chloe who are enjoying learning all about EARTH AND SPACE!!

Here is Adam enjoying p6s new project EARTH AND SPACE!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy




As part of our People Who

Help Us topic we visited

the fire station where we

were allowed to use the hose.

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