Primary 4 – 2013-14

We made playdough bees at Outdoor Explorers club to promote bee-friendly behaviour… be calm and the bees will soon go away, and not sting you.

10 june and bees, Outdoor Explorers on PhotoPeach

The P4 Outdoor Explorers Club met for the first time on Tuesday 27 May.
We had great fun in our mud kitchen making all kinds of surprising meals for our “Mud Café”.
We also worked in the garden beds trying to sort out the weeds from the useful plants!

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Click on the links below to see the PowerPoints we made during Big Ideas Week.


Racism marvin

rORY AND michael

Kayla and Ella

josh r


friendship Mia and Rebecca

Friendship Layla

freindship – jamie Gordon

Big ideas about animals Zuzia

Addison and Cameron

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Science Week in Primary 4
We had great fun during Science Week taking part in lots of experiments, watching a “Water” show and having a visit from Cool Creatures for our rainforest topic.

During the water show we learned all about water and the weather and how water and rain can change into solids, liquids and gases and how this impacts on the water cycle. We got the chance to do tests during the show. We needed to check which weather was the best for drying clothes. Was it just the heat from the sun, just the wind or a mixture of both? We tried to dry a damp pair of socks using a heat lamp (sun) or a fan (wind) or a hairdryer (sun and wind). We discovered that the sun and wind together gave the best result. We had lots of fun doing this and lots of other tests.

In our class we did experiments with water and ice.
Experiment 1: How to defy gravity.
We filled a cup with water then put a sheet of cardboard on top of it. When we turned the cup upside down the water did not run out of the cup. We found out that when there was no air between the cup and the cardboard they formed a sort of seal and the water stayed in the upside down cup.

Experiment 2: How to lift a piece of ice without touching it.
We each got an ice cube a piece of string and some salt. We laid the string on top of the ice cube then we put some salt on top of the string. Then we left it for about a minute. As the ice started to melt because of the salt water from the ice started to wet the string. Because the ice was so cold it refroze the water on to the string. When we held the string and picked it up the ice was attached to the string. It was just like magic.

Experiment 3: Bubble snake
We used recycled materials to make a bubble blower. We needed the top half of a plastic bottle so we cut the bottom off. We put a sock over the bottom of the bottle rolling it up the sides of the bottle then we secured this with an elastic band. We got some bubble mixture. We put the sock end into the bubble mixture then we blew through the top of the bottle. When the bubbles appeared they came out like a snake. It was a bit messy but quite exciting watching the bubbles. Abbie even blew a great big bubble.

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Cool Creatures
As part of our rainforest topic Calum from Cool Creatures came in to visit us for some animal handling and to tell us about the animals that live in the rainforests. We had the opportunity to handle a variety of animals including a blue-tongued skink, hissing cockroaches, turtle and a python and we had the chance to look at some other animals. It was amazing being so close to the animals and having them sit in our hands.

P4’s Visit In The Botanics on PhotoPeach


Science Experiment – Jumping raisins
Mrs Hoole visited Primary 4 to show us a science experiment she had been doing with the Hedgehog reading group. The experiment used bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and raisins. She put 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into a glass and then poured in the vinegar. The mixture fizzled and bubbled. The children then put in 6 raisins and watched. Addison was able to explain that the bubbles attached to the raisins making the raising float to the top where the bubbles burst and the raising sank back down again to collect more bubbles. We videoed the result.

Romans Army versus Current Army – Visit from Brooke’s dad

As part of our investigations and explorations about the Romans we wanted to compare what it was like in the Roman army with what it is like in the army now. Brooke invited her dad, who is currently a sergeant serving in the army, to come in and speak to us about what it is like. We discussed what we know about the army and Brooke’s dad told us what it was like for him now. We created a Venn diagram. Surprisingly quite a few things were the same with some differences. They fight, they wear a uniform, they train, they have leaders. However the kind of training is different, the weapons they use are different, the uniforms they wear are different and are much more protective now and if you were in the Roman army you joined for 25 years and couldn’t get married until you left but in the current army you can leave as long as you work for one more year and you can get married. We had lots of fun trying on the uniforms. They were really heavy especially the ones with the protection in them. Here are some of our photos.

Visit from Brooke’s dad on PhotoPeach

Community Coffee Morning

Mrs Wilson would like to say a huge well done to Primary 4 for their fabulous coffee morning. You have all worked so hard to organise and run this superb event.

Primary 4 were asked to host our January coffee morning. As this is our month for learning about Scotland our coffee morning had a Scottish theme. Together we chose the songs we would sing and learned 2 dances – the Dashing White Sergeant and the Gay Gordons. A group of children from primary 4 were the committee responsible for purchasing the food and other items we would need for the event. They used the Asda shopping system to purchase the items and when they were delivered they checked all the products against what had been ordered. As a class we identified who we could invite in the community. A group of children went out with Mrs Blythe to deliver posters and leaflets and each child invited as many members of the community as they could think of.

On the morning of the event they each had their jobs but before starting they had to set the tables and lay out all the foods and drinks they had purchased. Our coffee morning was on from 9.30 – 11.30 and we had a fabulous turn out of members of our Musselburgh and East Lothian community. We took orders and served tea, coffee and juice to our guests, we entertained our guests with singing and dancing and were delighted when some of our guests joined us in our dancing. Thank you to everyone for supporting us with our Scottish themed community coffee morning.

Here are some photos taken by our photographer, Arran.

Community Coffee Morning on PhotoPeach




The Hedgehog Writing Group designed and made their own Breakfast Yoghurt cups this week. Here are our delicious, healthy creations! Next week, we’ll share the recipes so that you can make them too.
The Hedgehog writing group on PhotoPeach

P4 and the Roman soldiers on PhotoPeach
Romans Soldier visits the Burgh

It felt like we had been time travelling when we met Villarios, the Roman soldier who visited Primary 4 at the Burgh. Villarios told us that he had been a soldier in the army for a number of years and explained all about being in the army. He showed us all the different parts of his uniform and we even got to try on some chain mail and the Roman leader’s helmet which had a real fox on it. Villarios gave each of us our own shield and sword and we went into battle. He demonstrated how the weapons were used and how the Romans used their shields to protect themselves. We tried out some of the Roman defence tactics like the turtle. This is when the soldiers huddle up together. The front soldiers put their shields up in front of them, the sides are protected by shields on the side and the top is protected by shields being held upward. We had a lot of fun.

We also went to the National Museum of Scotland. We were able to open the Roman box and were allowed to hold some of the Roman artefacts. Then we explored the Romans section of the museum.

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Electricity – Group 1

While half of our class are away at swimming lessons we have been learning about electricity with Mrs Wilson and Miss Carlisle. First of all we talked about what we know about electricity and where we knew we could get electricity from. We knew quite a lot of things which needed electricity to work but we also knew that electricity can be very dangerous. We looked at static electricity and made our own static electricity by rubbing balloons on our jumpers and hair. In our experiments we made our hair stand up, we were able to pick up paper only using the balloon and we were able to stick the balloon to the wall without using tape. We were shown the different components we needed to make an electric circuit then had to explore and investigate how to make the electricity work. We did a number of investigations including adding more bulbs or adding more batteries and tried to think about why? the results happened. We also looked closely at which materials conduct electricity and which materials are insulators and protect people. Our last activity was to make up a game where people could light a bulb if they got the correct answer. This was fun but quite tricky. Here are some photos of us taking part in our electricity experiments.

Cooking and Food on PhotoPeach

Food Tasting on PhotoPeach
Different kinds of food and cooking

Primary 4 chose their own topic when they came back from the October holidays. After much discussion and voting we chose different kinds of food and cooking. We created a huge list of ideas from writing our own recipes to tasting foods from different countries and from learning some cooking skills to making, creating and eating our own foods. Mrs Wilson had the task of working out how we were going to do this. But help was on hand. Andy Gordon, head chef at TGI Fridays, kindly volunteered to come in and help us. Andy, Jamie’s dad, came in to speak to us about being a chef. He showed us how to cut some of the vegetables properly, explained how we use the equipment and helped us make a Greek salad. We also wanted to know what athletes eat to keep them fit and able to take part in their sports. The main thing they needed was carbohydrate for energy so we made our own tomato pasta which was really delicious. We discovered we are really good at cooking and want to say thanks to Andy and also to Mrs Parker who helped us make our tomato pasta. Here are some photos of us tasting a variety of foods and working with Andy making our Greek salad.

Primary 4
P4 Health Week 1 on PhotoPeach
P4 Health Week 2 on PhotoPeach
Health Week Primary 4 had a fabulous time during Health Week. As well as our usual lessons in PE, rugby and swimming, there were loads of opportunities to try out new skills and activities. The favourites for the class were golf and American Football but these were closely followed by fruit and veg information and tasting, healthy plate activities, zumba and dance. In Heartstart we were learning about bleeding and how to help someone who is unconscious but breathing. We practised checking the airway and putting the person into the recovery position. We had a lot of fun learning how to keep our mind and body fit and healthy. Here are some pictures from health week.

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Pupil Council Rep
Congratulations to P4’s new pupil council representative, Cameron. Primary 4 had a large number of candidates putting themselves forward for election this year. Each candidate created an election poster encouraging their classmates to vote. They also had an opportunity to present themselves to the class stating reasons why they should receive votes. After a secret ballot Cameron became the 2013-2014 representative with 14 votes. Cameron will attend pupil council meetings on a regular basis where he will be given the opportunity to pass on any class suggestions. Following his meetings he will feedback to the class.

Mrs Wilson would like to say well done to all the P4 candidates who stood in the pupil council election. You all did a great job speaking to the class and your posters were fabulous. You should all be proud of yourselves.

Eco Rep
This year our Eco Rep will be Rory. Rory will be meeting with the Eco group on a Wednesday and will feedback to the class on a Thursday or Friday at snack time.

Road Safety
PC Smith visited Primary 4 today to explain and remind us all about keeping ourself safe. We talked about road safety. We discussed how to keep safe when are driving to school – we need to keep our seat belts on. When we are cycling to school we need to make sure our bike is in good working order and that we have a helmet on and when we are walking to school we need to be very careful when we are crossing the road. We also talked about internet and computer safety. We know that it is important that we are very careful who we are talking to when we are on the computer and that we should not tell people about ourselves. We discussed why some games and internet facilities are for older children and adults only. Now that it is autumn and winter and the nights are getting darker we were talking about keeping safe when we are playing outside at the park or with our friends.

Oor Tatties
In primary 3 our class planted potatoes. Now that we are in Primary 4 they have been harvested. We weighed our potatoes and found that we had 17½lbs. We took them to Christine in the kitchen. Christine cooked our potatoes so on Wednesday lunch was mince and P4 potatoes. The potatoes were delicious.

Primary three have a great interest in reading and enjoy choosing books from both the class and school library to read during ERIC time. These photos show how engrossed the children become when reading a book of their own choice.
reading for enjoyment on PhotoPeach

On Wednesday 15th May we had a visit from a Scottish Football Association coach who gave us tips to improve our playing.
Football Training on PhotoPeach

On Thursday 2nd May, Primary visited Rucklaw Farm, Stenton. The children found out that the farm is both a livestock and an arable farm.

The livestock animals that are raised on the farm include hens, roosters, sheep and pigs. They know that a mummy pig is called a sow and a daddy pig is called a boar. The babies are piglets and a mummy pig can have up to 16 piglets at one time.

The crops that are grown are wheat, winter wheat and barley. These are used mainly to feed the animals.

P3 farm visit on PhotoPeach

Primary 3 took part in the banana slicing competition on Wednesday 1st May. The aim of the competition was to correctly use a knife and fork to slice the banana into as many slices as possible. All the children tried very hard to hold their cutlery properly and due to this they managed to get lots of slices. Jeevan was the winner in P3 with a remarkable 160 slices.

P3 Banana challenge on PhotoPeach

Community cafe on PhotoPeach

Please check our page to see what we have been doing in class.
Science Week
As part of national science week P3 carried out many different water experiments. They discovered that on hot days water on the ground evaporates and disappears, that some things dissolve in water and that if you freeze water it gets bigger. They also wrote reports about the three different forms of water, liquid, gas and solid.

Water Experiments on PhotoPeach

Piggy Banks
We made piggy banks by using paper mache and balloons. Then we decorated them to look like the large cows that can be found around Edinburgh.
Piggy Banks on PhotoPeach

Comic Relief
P5 joined with P3 for a Comic Relief Golden Time. Activities in the rooms included Pin the red nose on the face, white chocolate crispies with a red cherry nose, paper bag puppets, Comic relief IT games, pompoms, photo frames and puzzles. Some children made a face out of fruit and vegetables. Great fun was had by both classes.
Comic Relief on PhotoPeach

Medicines With Mr.Hoole on PhotoPeach
Living Eggs Day – 11

The classroom has been very quiet today with the chicks being away. Here are some photos of children saying goodbye before the chicks went to the farm. Goodbye on PhotoPeach

Living Eggs – Day 10

This is our last day with the chicks as they are leaving tomorrow because they are now too big to stay in the brooder.  We decided to name the chicks and if you look at the photos for day 8 you will see their names.  The chicks are now eating and drinking so much that they emptied their bowls before our lunch today and they had only been fed at 8.30 this morning.  All the chicks have feathers growing and are trying to jump or fly out of the brooder.  We all had the chance to hold them to say goodbye . Mrs Gilbert has added  more photos and four short video clips.  Clip 1  , Clip 2  , Clip 3  , Clip 4

Day 10 on PhotoPeach

Living Eggs – Day 9

The chicks are getting much bigger.  They have slept for a long time today but are still noisy when they are awake.  One of the chicks likes to jump and flap his wings.  He jumps so high that he keeps hitting the lid of the brooder.  The chicks are starting to grow feathers and are strectching their wings getting ready to fly.  P3 know that the male is a rooster and the female is a hen.  We have looked closely at our chicks and we think we have three hens and six roosters.  We know this because the females are brown or have brown markings and the males are yellow.  Mrs Gilbert has attached another short video for you to watch by clicking here.


Living Eggs – Day 8
The chicks returned to school this morning. We could hardly believe how big they were. Abi told Mrs Gilbert that they are eating nearly two bowls of food each day. This means they need to be cleaned out twice a day because their bedding starts to smell. Some of us got to hold them again today. It is important that we wash our hands before and after touching the chicks as this will stop spreading germs between us and the chicks. Look at the pictures to see how they have grown and how they are all different.
Chicks – Day 8 on PhotoPeach


Living Eggs day 5 Click here to see the chicks.
We have nine very noisy fluffy chicks today. The last one to hatch is doing well and joined the other chicks in the brooder. The nursery children came to visit and Mrs Saunders and Mrs Hancock held the chicks to let the nursery children feel how soft they are. Sadly one of the chicks died during the night and we were upset. Mrs Russell helped some of us to clean out the brooder as it was getting very smelly. We put the chicks in a basin so we could change their bedding, food and water. Abi and her mum are looking after the chicks over the weekend and we all can’t wait to see them on Monday.


Living Eggs Day 4

Day 4 on PhotoPeach


Today we had nine fluffy chicks when we arrived in school.  We were allowed to hold the chicks for the first time today.  They were very soft and wriggly.  One egg was pipping and we watched carefully all day but when it was time to go home it still hadn’t hatched.  Lots of parents came for drop-in today and they stayed a long time hoping to see number ten hatch but again they had no luck.  When nearly everyone had left the chick managed to hatch and although it is very tired it is able to walk around, cheeping loudly.

Living Eggs Day 3
When we arrived in school this morning we were greeted by 3 very sleepy, wet chicks. After a little while another egg started to crack and we watched as the chick hatched. When we returned from P.E. we were very surprised to see yet another chick. The chicks had to stay in the incubator until they were dry, warm and fluffy. At the end of the day we moved two of the chicks into a brooder box. When we went home another 4 eggs were cracked and hopefully getting ready to hatch.

Primary 3’s new arrivals on PhotoPeach
Living Eggs  –  Day 2

Today we watched the eggs very carefully and although they did move a lot nothing else seemed to be happening.  At the very end of the day we were very surprised to see that one of the eggs had a little crack.  When the children had gone home Mrs Gilbert could hear the chick cheeping.  Hopefully tomorrow morning we will have at least one chick.



Living Eggs Diary – Day 1
10 eggs arrived today. They need to be kept warm and are placed carefully in an incubator. We need to make sure the incubator is not bumped. Jamie and Ruadhan think they saw one of the eggs moving. This could mean that it is nearly ready to hatch.


















p3 art work on PhotoPeach



We have been following instructions to make modles using Kinex.
p3 technology on PhotoPeach

P2, P2/3 and P3s Christmas party on PhotoPeach

p3 slideshow on PhotoPeach
Primary went to Newhailes to visit the Greenscene exhibition. They were given a variety of opportunities including grinding wheat and looking and insects. The children had a great day out.

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