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Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Primary 2 are busy rehearsing for their performance of Pirates Ahoy! tomorrow. Watch this space to see photos of us in costume.













Getting ready for Mother’s Day


Primary 2 are ready to surprise their Mums on Mother’s Day with some tasty chocolate crispie cakes. The secret ingredient is the pin marshmallows.







Primary 2 have been at the beach on the 26th of March during Eco week.











2012 World Book Day
Primary 2 dressed up as their favourite character from a book. They had lots of fun visiting the school library to hear The Man in the Moon. During literacy we had lots of rhyming from the






Cat in the Hat.

1st March 2012 World Book Day







Scottish Country Dancing

Primary 2 and Primary 2/3 spent lots of time practising their Scottish country dances during Scots month. They learned the Highland Barn Dance, the Gay Gordons and the Dashing White Sergeant. Keen to show off their new skills both classes had a mini ceilidh in the gym hall just before the February break.

Is this Primary 2 or Mission Control?


This term Primary 2 are learning all about the solar system. As a homework project they designed and built their own rockets. As you can see they have been very busy. Today during ICT time we explored the NASA kids club website. It felt just like being in our own Mission Control Centre!















Welcome to the Primary 2 page. Please check regularly to see what we are doing in school!


Primary 2 are learning about clans and tartans for Scots month. We read The Three Donalds – the story behind the invention of tartan. Then we designed our own tartans using crayons, paints, chalk and paper weaving. Here are pictures of some of the tartans we made and the patterns we discovered on our hunt.
































We have also been learning some Scottish country dances: the Gay Gordons, the Dashing White Sergeant and a Highland Barn Dance. When we have finished practising we will be joining P2/3 in the Assembly Hall for a short ceilidh.


Last Wednesday we spent part of the morning baking shortbread. We all enjoyed sampling it that afternoon. It was so good there were no crumbs left!



Primary 2 recently took part in a series of Youth Music Initiative workshops based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The class worked together to write a song called A Trap for the Iron Man. They wrote the lyrics and composed their own music to accompany them.




On Friday 7th October Primary 2 performed their song before family and friends at a special assembly. They are also proud of the giant Iron Man they made as part of the project. He is now sitting on the windowsill of their classroom

p1 had their own royal wedding in class. They made a wedding cake and dressed really fancy.


here are some of the wedding photos.




we are in primary one now please scroll down to see what we have been doing. A few weeks ago p1a and p1b went on a sight seeing tour round edinburgh on a horrible history bus.


Primary 1a had lots of fun last week playing in the deep snow. Mrs Duncwe are in primary one now Please scroll down to see what we have been doing.. [nggallery id=59]


Michael made this fantastic snowman! It had a bobble hat. Adam helped him make the snowman.


Cameron’s amazing snowman!



Rory and Fergus had a fab day in the snow making a Narnia snow scene with snow queen, dragon, 2 kings and a beaten troll! Fergus and I helped lots but also had a lot of fun whilst the mummies and Carrie were busy!


Hello Everyone.


I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures for the snow challenge.
To everyone in P1, you could find out what your parent/carer or grandparents favourite toys were when they were your age. Then you could try and find pictures of old and new toys for our display.
Remember to bring in your favourite toy to display in our toys area. We will be creating labels for each toy, but could you please make sure that your toy is labelled with your name on it.
Enjoy making angels in the snow.
Perhaps you could make your names in the snow too.
Hope to see you on Monday.
From Mrs Duncan


Primary 6/7 maths group have been working with P1a and Mrs Duncan. The P6/7 children had made zoos for the younger children. [nggallery id=19]


We made hanging baskets in class. Scroll down to see our photographs.
[nggallery id=4]


These photos were taken during health week.
[nggallery id=22].


A few weeks ago p1a and p1b went on a horible histories tour in edinburgh. They went on a siteseeing bus and got to listen to gross through head phones.

We are loving school. It is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PC Smith came in to P1b to talk to us about keeping safe. We learned how to stay safe when playing in the garden or at the park and when shopping with Mummy and Daddy. We had a great time trying on PC Smith’s uniform and handcuffs!” [nggallery id=55]

Sarah came to visit P1b. She works at the Toy Museum and brought lots of old Toys from the past for us to look at and play with. it was great fun trying out all of the old toys and working out how people played with them in the olden days.”

[nggallery id=56]

We have been doing lots.


The Iron Man Please click title to see photos.



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