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TitanicP7 Information for website – click on the links to see what we have been doing in class.

P7a have been writing stories and letters. We have written our letters on official, headed paper and addressed our envelopes and our letters have been posted to: JLS, One Direction, Prince William, Francesca Simon, Andy Serkis, Leigh Griffiths and Ana’s grandma in Poland. Fingers crossed for a reply…

art competition






We have been learning about India. In India people make Rangoli patterns for festivals and celebrations. They are made from coloured sand or flower petals and are placed in courtyards and the entrance to homes. These patterns have 2 lines of symmetry and have motifs from nature like leaves and flowers and geometric shapes. We designed Rangoli patterns individually, then worked in groups to create larger patterns made of coloured sand.

On Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May P7A were at Innerwick.

We had an awesome time!

On Monday we went to the beach, we collected driftwood and built bridges over a river. Miss Maclaughlan tested them and every bridge allowed her to cross the river safely… Ellis had to be rescued from quicksand and Russell nearly got nibbled by a goat. Then we headed into the forest to build dens.

Back at the centre we had a lovely tea with  lots of Burgh colleagues. Thanks to everyone to came for tea! We then headed out on a scavenger hunt and later had a sing song and roasted marshmallows round the campfire!


Can you spot Kermit?
Reading Buddies continues to be a happy time in the P2 and P7 classes. We love to read with our wee buddies.

P7a reading buddys on PhotoPeach

We have been writing poems and imagined personal responses on the subject of the sinking of the Titanic. Our poems are acrostic; the first letter of each line spells Titanic, but they are also narrative ; they tell the story of the disaster. The first 2 lines describe the ship, the next 2 lines describe the ship hitting the iceberg and the last 3 lines describe the aftermath, for the ship, the crew and the passengers. Look out for our IPRs when they’re finished! We’ll be using WOW adjectives and concentrating on using different connectives and sentence structures.

P7a Titanic on PhotoPeach


We have been learning about 2D and 3D shape. We have created powerpoint slideshows which explain what we know about the shapes. We used mathematical language like; vertices, edges and faces, acute, obtuse and right angles, parallel and perpendicular lines to describe shapes and then asked people to guess what the shapes were.

Then we used straws and plasticene to make models of 3D shapes. We noticed that the ones which had triangular shapes within them were stronger than the others. We looked at pictures of bridges and noticed that triangles are often used in these structures for their strength. We made our own bridges using 3D shapes and triangles.

For homework we designed giftboxes and we created geometric pieces of art inspired by Edinburgh’s very own Eduoardo Paolozzi.


Horrible History

As part of the Burgh Scots month we have been learning about the ‘gruesome and horrible history’ of Auld Reekie! We have researched the stories of Burke and Hare, Deacon Brodie and Mary King’s Close. We are producing leaflets and scary videos of us telling these stories to share our learning. We have also heard the stories of ‘Half Hangit Maggie’ and ‘Sawnie Bean’. All the P7s visited Edinburgh and learned a lot from the ‘Horrible History’ open top bus tour, even in spite of the bad weather! We also visited the National Gallery to check out the Scottish Collection. It was amazing, we all found a picture or sculpture wew loved. Ask us which are our favourites








We are drawing pen and ink sketches of Edinburgh’s Old Town and creating our very own Old Town in the classroom.


We received letters from our penpals at Abbotsford Middle School in BC, Canada. We have written back telling them more about ourselves, a little bit about Burns Night and some information about Edinburgh. Now wejust have to wait for their replies!!

Well done to Ellie Ellis for winning the anti-theft poster competion and now her poster will be put up round East lothian in libray,police station and other community areas. Plus she won an ipod shuffle!!

Here is a photo of Ellie with the policeman holding her new prize!

Once again WELL DONE ELLIE!!








P7a also made toys for p2 children and it was a great success here are some photos of the children playing with thier new handmade toys.                     





































































































On the 10th of November a woman from Zambia called Pamela came and answered some of our questions!

We also learned how to say “thank you” in Zambian…..Twalumba


She also saw her own Zambian flag in the schol entrance!






We have been sharing what we have learned about Mary Queen of Scots. We created a book, with sections on her life, food and drink, animals and pets, castles and clothing. There is also a page all about Mary’s links with Musselburgh!

We also completed our class KWL grid, answering all of those questions we had at the beginning of the project.

We are making pomanders in structured play. We got the idea from our trip to Edinburgh Castle. In the days of Mary Queen of Scots rich people carried a pomander around with them, as people didn’t wash very often and they and the town got a bit smelly!

We are writing poems too, we have personified the executioner’s axe. Look out for them, they’re going to be a bit gruesome.

We have also had visitors to our classroom. Sarah Cowie visited from East Lothian Museums Service to find out what we had learned about Mary Queen of Scots and Pamela Mwanachiwena visited us from Zambia. She is a community worker in Scotland with VSO and she wanted to visit a school. We asked her questions about Zambia and told her all about Musselburgh and the Burgh.
























The P7s sold poppies and collected £81.99 for the Poppy Scotland  on 10th and 11th November.


We are now in P7.  Please scroll down to see what we are doing in school.                              Please click here to see what we have been doing!!

Please click on the link to see what we are doing!!


On the 4th of November P7a preformed a Mary Queen of Scots assembly with P7b and P6 it was a big turnout with parents Katie was dressed in full period costume with a red velvet cape and yellow dress.

Zumba And Musselburgh Walk

Also on the last day of health week we had a zumba session and all the class had a good time the at 11:00 all the school went on a walk round two bridges we had a BLAST then we came back to school to have a well deserved juice and biscuit.

Holyrood and Edinburgh

On the 27th of october p7 went to Holyrood palace and Edinburgh castle in the castle we saw the room were mary gave birth to james the1st of england and 6th of scotland and in the palace we saw the fake blood stain of David Rizzio.










As part of our Health and Wellbeing learning we were lucky to have a visit from Destination Judo.  During this session we played games to music and learned a few basic throws.    As well as helping to keep us active we had great fun!

We recently took part in an opera about King Loth, who East Lothian is called after.  We worked with professional musicians who helped us learn the songs and add actions.  We enjoyed taking part and everyone who came to watch gave us postive comments.   Scroll down to see some photographs of us in our costumes.

[nggallery id=82]

[nggallery id=79]

Primary 6/7 Health Topic

In class we are learning about the Human Body.  Last week we played ‘Skelton’ where we had to roll a dice and then draw the bones.  We had to remember to use the proper names for the bones or we weren’t allowed to draw them.  On Monday we looked at a model of the heart.  When you squeeze the ball the blood flows around the model of the heart and you can see what is happening inside your body. [nggallery id=77]

P6/7 Snow Snowman Challenge!

Today P6/7 worked together to build an enormous snowman. The children rolled the snow in pairs and then stacked the balls on top of each other. They then packed snow around the balls to make sure that the balls would not fall apart. They found branches and plants for the nose, arms and buttons. Liam, Darren and Katie were kind enough to use their hat, gloves and scarf to dress it. Once we were finish we decided it looked more like a snow woman and we named her ‘Stacey’. Please scroll down to look at more photos.

[nggallery id=51]

Primary 6/7 build an igloo!

Primary 6/7 built an igloo so Mrs Gilbert would have somewhere to stay if the buses stopped running due to the snowy weather. The children planned what to do and worked well together as a team. The photos below show how the structure was made. Unfortunately, it collapsed and covered her in snow.

[nggallery id=50]

Luke’s amazing snowman!

An activity for the snowy weather!
In class we have been writing diary entries. Please write a diary for this week detailing what you have been doing in the snow. Remember to inlcude your feelings.

P6/7 recently had a visit from Marjory Sweeney ELC drama specialist where they recreated some of the story of Gulliver’s Travels. Please scroll down to see a slideshow of us at work.
[nggallery id=34]

The Primary six children were recently invited to attend a session on the cooking bus at Musselburgh Race course. Once there we were shown how to chop vegetables correctly and were then given the opportunity to make a vegetable tartlet with pesto and a potato salad. While we were waiting for the tartlets to cook we were shown how to make a fruit smoothie using mango, orange juice and banana. We had a great day learning how to cook. [nggallery id=30].

[nggallery id=29].
Last Friday we went to Pinkie playing fields to compete in a cluster Rugby festival. Although it was very cold we all tried our hardest and some of our teams were very successful.

[nggallery id=15]
Primary 7 made volcanoes as part of their science project and enjoyed showing the P4 children how they made them errupt using vinegar, baking soda and food colouring. Our explosions weren’t as powerful as we had hoped but we did see how lava would explode and then run down the mountain.

Glen and Liam made this wonderful model of a crane during structured play seesions. The wheels turn and it can lift rulers.

P6 have been learning about Earth and Space during Science with Mrs Gilbert.
We created our own Solar System in the Playground.
First we created planets to scale with Earth having a 10cm diameter. We used compasses and rulers to do this for the smallest planets and string and pencils for the larger planets.
After that we went into the playground and measured the distance in scale using 1m = 100 million Km in space. We used metre sticks and string to measure out the distance.
We were surprised to see how big Jupiter and Saturn were compared to Earth and how far away the other planets were from the Sun.

On Thursday 11th of June Lauren and Bailey went with Miss Reid to represent Primary 5 at the ‘Wot a Rot’ composting competition at the Historic Scotland Education Centre in Edinburgh. The children took part in a variety of fun activities including holding insects from the Zoo, playing games and taking part in a bug scavenger hunt. Primary 5 entered a sample of their compost and some paper mache ladybugs in the best bug competition and were very pleased when they won the best bugs and recieved £50 of gardening vouchers for the school. [rockyou139540385]

Primary 5 have been learning about the life and work of John Muir. We went on a trip to the John Muir Birthplace in Dunbar to learn more about him. We also went for a walk around the harbour at Dunbar with a County Ranger who told us about some of Dunbar’s history. [rockyou139257976]

This year Primary 5 will be taking part in the John Muir Award. To achieve the award we will all be members of the Burgh Eco-schools commitee with Miss Reid where we will look in to making the school more environmentally friendly.
Please scroll down to see some pictures of us learning about John Muir’s childhood through drama.

Primary 4 have been learning about Buddhism in class. These are pictures of the class doing an activity about the Noble Eightfold Path.



Our reading group has been learning to

describe a character.  Here are some mind

maps of the two main characters in our

storybook, Kid Wonder. 


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    Also, what is just as amazing is the igloo you built for Mrs Gilbert. Thankfully she didn’t require it as she did manage to get home – only just mind …… The most impressive part is that Mrs Gilbert actually appears in the photographs. What on earth did you do to persuade her to allow you to take her photo not just once but at least 4 times. Now that is a feat in itself.

    Well done to you all.

    Mrs Wilson

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