Primary 5 – 2013-14

P5 made maths games.

Click on their names to play.

P5 were very busy during science week. Watch what we did in this movie.

P5 on PhotoPeachworld book day on PhotoPeach To get the song search on youtube for I gotta keep reading.
John Muir Dance on PhotoPeach

Drama workshop on PhotoPeach

The Bug Hotel on PhotoPeach
P5 have been working with National Trust rangers from Newhailes and volunteer gardeners at Lewisvale allotments to create a bug hotel. The children collected all the material from home and carried it along to the allotments.
P5 worked with two rangers which meant the class were split into 2 groups which swapped half way through the afternoon. The first ranger, Anna, helped build the bug hotel using pallets provided by the allotment gardeners and the material brought by the children. The second ranger, Stuart, took the group on a minibeasts hunt.
We needed two sessions to complete the bug hotel and on return to the school, P5 will present what they have learnt to P4/5 who will hopefully then build a bug hotel in the toadstool village garden.
This project will help P5 work towards their John Muir Award which they will undertake more fully after the February holidays.

The Bug Hotel 2 on PhotoPeach

Thistles and Harris tweed on P5’s

Waulking Song

P5 have been learning about ‘Musical Journeys Around Scotland’.
The first thing P5 learnt was how they made Harris Tweed on the Western Isles.
The woman would soften and straighten it and that is what P5 practised. This is called Waulking. The women would sing a Gaelic song to keep the rhythm and P5 learnt one too. It is called ‘An Fhideag Airgid’ .
In class the boys took part too. We sat opposite each other and one side pulled while the other side pushed the fabric. P5 had to tap our knuckles on the table.
By Sarah and Freya


P5 at health week on PhotoPeach src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>
P5 have settled in really well and are busy with new topics. In Social Studies we are learning about the Vikings and enjoy being creative during structured play to develop our understanding of these people from the past.

Health week on PhotoPeach

P5 children in need on PhotoPeach

In science we are learning about sound and light. So far we have learnt how the ear works and how sound travels. We completed some experiments which show how sound travels as waves and vibrations
Sound Experiment on PhotoPeach

P3/4s and p4s tapestry visit on PhotoPeachvalue=”always”/>

P4 Banana challenge on PhotoPeach

P4 Local Walk of Musselburgh
We went on a walk of Musselburgh to investigate the variety of landmarks ,important buildings and shops that make Musselburgh a fabulous place. We are trying to create a mural that could be made by the community of Musselburgh and celebrate how wonderful the place is.
We hope to write to local Councillors to share our idea and propose where we could place this mural in the town.
From our walk, we chose key landmarks such as The Tolbooth, Lucas, The Mercat Cross and the Pinkie Pillars as special places to have on the mural.
Here are photos of our walk. Can you recognise any of the places?

Primary 4’s local walk of Musselburgh on PhotoPeachPrimary 4 are researching about life in Musselburgh past, present and future.
We are hoping to create our own Musselburgh Murals to include all the places, people and events that make Musselburgh so special.

We are focusing on the oldest buildings, the motto of Musselburgh, Where the name Musselburgh came from, famous people from Musselburgh, When the Romans came to Musselburgh?
Let us know what you think? What makes Musselburgh a special place to you?
Keep a look out for our ideas and information on our web page.

P4 January on PhotoPeach
Primary 4 Scots Month

4 January on PhotoPeach

Primary 4 have voted on names for the new goldfish. The winning names are bubbles and bob. William and Emily went with Mrs Duncan to pick the goldfish. Bubbles is now living in a tank in our classroom. Her friend Bob will arrive after the Christmas holidays. Bubbles is a Comet Goldfish and swims very fast. She needs some time to get used to the tank on her own before Bob comes to live with her. Look out for the photos of the fish very soon.

P4 are also learning about about shoes. We are designing our own shoes and then we are going to make them. Mrs Duncan has said that we can make shoes for the characters in Puss in Boots or makes the shoes for ourselves.
We have made a design plan of the various parts of the shoe. We will display them when finished and take photos for the website.

We are very excited in Primary 4 as we are getting class pets.
We will be getting 2 goldfish to look after in our room.
As part of our homework activities last week, we had to think
of a name for the fish create a picture, model or badge to show
the name. We have made a display of the options and will vote for
the 2 names on Friday.
Next Wednesday, William and Emily have been chosen to go with Mrs Duncan to buy the goldfish at Dobbies.
So looP5 at health week on PhotoPeach

k out for photos of our new pets on our webpage next week.

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