Learning Mandarin with Vincent

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Day at the beach on



We are now in P3. Please scroll down to see what we are doing in school.

maizie is a under 8 eurodance champion here is her first place trophy







In primary 3 we have been making models.

primary 3’s models on PhotoPeach

During our recent visit to Lewis Vale Park , Primary three created some transient art. The children gather items that were lying around and put them together to create their art work.

Our transient art! on PhotoPeach

As part of our IT work the children have been taught how to use the digital camera. We recently visited Lewis Vale Park where the children worked in groups to take photographs of the early signs of Spring. They found a variety of signs and had great fun using the camera. I am sure you will agree that their photographs are of a high standard.    Primary 3 at lewisvale on PhotoPeach

Drama – King Midas.This week we have had an East Lothian Council visiting drama specialist who has been telling us the story of King Midas.  As she has been telling us we have taken on the roles of butlers, guards, cooks, designers, woodcutters and servants.  Daniel was playing the role of the jester and he made us all laugh with his humorous actions.King Midas Drama on PhotoPeach



Maizie recently won first prize at a freestyle dance competition in Bristol.  This means that she is now Eurodance under 8 champion.  Maizie brought her very large trophy into school for everyone to see.







Language Games

Primary three have been learning how to  play scrabble, Boggle and Hangman during spelling lessons and have also had the opportunity to play with all their classmates during structured play sessions.


To celebrate World Book Day Primary 3 dressed as a character from their favourite book.
World Book Day on PhotoPeach

Primary 3 have been learning how to cross the road safely.   On Tuesday they went out to practise the Green Cross Code with parent helpers and our Road Safety Officer.  They can identify safe places to cross and can explain why other places are unsafe.  They know they should only cross busy roads with parents. 











On Thursday we were lucky to have a visiting specialist in school who taught us some Karate.  Before we started we had to do warm up exercises including keeping our legs straight and touching our hands on the ground.  Some of us found this very hard!  The coach showed us how to punch, kick and how to step forward and backwards.  We also learnt how to count to ten in Japanese.



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaP3aaaa Community Coffee Morning


On January the 18th P3 held a Community Coffee Morning.  The event was very busy with parents and members of our local churches and community groups.  The children took on their jobs enthusiastically and were highly praised for the quick service and quality of the food and drink.  The children entertained their guests with Scottish songs and gave a tour of the school to those who were interested.  Overall this was a very successful event and all the children should be pleased with what they achieved.  Mrs Gilbert is very proud of them all.


Language Games

Primary three have been learning how to  play scrabble, Boggle and Hangman during spelling lessons and have also had the opportunity to play with all their classmates during structured play sessions.






St Giles

Primary 3 visited St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.  Mrs Gilbert set us a challenge to find the alter, lectern, font, stain glass window, cross and organ.  We managed to find them all and took some photographs of the beautiful building.



Ancient Egypt

We have been learning about life in the time of the Ancient Egyptians.  We know that when Pharaohs died they had their organs removed and put into canopic jars. Then they were made into mummies.  After that they were placed in sarcophaguses and put into a pyramid with all their treasures.


In our science lessons we have been investigating how things are moved between one place and another.  We now know that for something to move we have to use either a push or a pull force.  Click on the links to watch our short video clips.

We recently visited the Primary 5 Viking museum where we learnt a lot about Vikings.  Click on the link to see some photographs.  Viking Power Point



Iron Man

Primary 3 have recently performed the Iron Man with P2, P2/3 and P3/4.  They created their own music for the ending of the story where the space, bat, dragon, angel flies around the moon.  The music and words were very sad.  Our parents came to see us and they thought we were very good at performing.







Primary 3 recently visited the Museum in Edinburgh where we were allowed to handle a variety of artefacts from the time of the Ancient Egyptians.  These items included a canopic jar, necklaces, part of a coffin and even some bread.  Once we had examined all the artefacts we had a look around the Ancient Egyptian displays where we saw some real coffins, gold jewellery  and tools the Egyptians used to make sculpures.    Please click on the link  to see some photographs.



World Maths Day

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World spelling Day

Mrs Wilson’s literacy group have been practising their spelling by writing their oa and igh words in shaving foam. We also had a few shots in the World Spelling Day competition.

P2b and P2a had an amazing christmas party they played games and won loads of prizes. Here you can see the p2’s playing pas the parcel i wonder who won between the 2 groups. You can also see them dancing and have aload of fun.

We are now in primary 2b. Please scroll down to see us at work in school.

Kilty Kilty

Primary 2 visited The Kiltstore in Musselburgh to learn more about tartan.  Kevin the kilt man showed us lots of different tartans and explain


ed how tartan was made.  We didn’t know there was so much material in a kilt.  Kevin also showed us the fancy shirts and jackets which are worn with the kilt.  Drummond and Aoise looked really good when they were dressed up in a kilt outfit.    [nggallery id=66]

Snow day

We built an igloo in the school playground. It was fun. We used giant lego blocks to make the bricks. We put the snow in the blocks and when we took the snow out it had turned into a block. We put the blocks on the snow in the shape of an igloo then we built the walls up high. After we had built our igloo we had a snowball fight. Have a look at our photographs and see our igloo being built.

By Niamh, Oliwia, Laura, Freya, Sadie, Drummond, Milly, Emily, Magnus, Oliver, Louie, Dylan and Daniel
[nggallery id=39]

Olvier, his Dad and sister, Isla made this wonderful tunnel in the snow.


Mrs Wilson’s snow challenges can be found below.

Hi P2b – Hope you are all enjoying having a few extra days off to play in the snow and to join in the Burgh Snow Challenge. After Christmas we will be doing a science topic on the weather so why don’t you get someone at home to take a few photographs of you having fun in the snow – sledging, building snowmen or having snowball fights.



How about a few snow and ice experiments to keep you going? You will need an adult to help you.

Experiment 1: Frozen bubbles
Try this experiment for soapy fun. Using soap bubbles, you’ll turn them into frozen bubbles.

What You’ll Need:
Measuring cup, Soap powder, Sugar, Hot water, Bowl, Spoon or whisk , Bubble wand

Make a strong bubble solution. Mix 1/2 cup soap powder, 1/2 cup sugar, and 3 cups hot water. (This mixture will help the bubbles last longer.) Take the bubble solution and a bubble wand outside. Blow a bubble, and catch it on the wand. Let the bubble sit resting on the wand in the cold air. In the below-freezing chill, the bubble will soon freeze into a fragile crystal ball.

Experiment 2: Snowscape stomp
Why not make winter white a little warmer by doing the Snowscape Stomp!

What You’ll Need:
Snow boots, Tablespoon, Paintbrushes, Food coloring, Paper cups, Water
Mix 2 tablespoons water with 10 drops food coloring in a paper cup (make as many colors as you desire). Go outside and make a pattern of footprints in the snow. Splatter splashes of color in each frosty track, and watch the magic begin. Be sure to check for chilly changes later as the snow begins to melt and the colors soften. Remember that food coloring stains so wear old clothes.
Experiment 3: Snow and Salt
Why not see what happens when salt is sprinkled on snow.

What You’ll Need:
2 identical containers (plastic cups or jam jars will do fine), snow, salt
Fill the 2 containers with snow. Sprinkle salt onto one of the containers. What happens to the snow? Which container is quickest? Why?
Experiment 4: What is snow?
What exactly is white fluffy snow?

What You’ll Need:
1 container, snow, thermometer (optional)

Fill the container with snow. Place the thermometer in the container and take the temperature and write it down. Bring the glass inside and wait for about 5 minutes until the snow melts. Now, take the temperature again. What has happened to the snow? What interesting fact can you tell the class about snow?

Circus Science Workshop

P2b had great fun learning about forces during a circus science workshop run by the Shell Education Service. We worked in small groups investigating, experimenting and observing. We used magnets to take our pet for a walk and investigated how a magnetic force was affected through different materials, we worked out how to balance a clown on a tightrope and looked at the effects of air pressure when we tried to pop poppers by pushing air along a tube. Our favourite experiments were making the marble bounce off a trampoline into a pot and using doodle spinners to draw shapes on paper. When we went back to our classroom we made our own spinners which make fabulous colours when they spin. Scroll down to see our photographs.
[nggallery id=33]

P2b find dinosaur bones on Musselburgh beach
[nggallery id=32]

The children in primary 2b were amazed last week when they dug up some dinosaur bones. Apparently Sparky the dog had been walking along the beach with his owner the previous weekend and had dragged up a big bone. The local museum thought it must be a dinosaur bone. The museum enlisted the help of the children in primary 2b to do further exploration and digging on the beach. A number of bones and fossils were found. The children think it might be a Triceratops or maybe a Velociraptor or perhaps even an Ankylosaurus which has lost its spikes in the sea. The bones were taken back to the Burgh school for further investigation.

Dinosaur Museum

You will be forgiven for thinking you have stepped back in time if you have recently visited the p2b classroom. This week their dinosaur museum opened its doors to parents, carers, pupils and staff. The museum had on display fossils and bones, various dinosaurs, interactive maps, triops, be a paleontologist and dig for bones and much more. The premier of the video of the class finding dinosaur bones on the beach was also on show. Pupils had labeled the exhibits and made posters advertisiting the museum and each took turns working at the different exhibitions.. It was a very successful event which pupils thoroughly enjoyed. Sarah Cowie, East Lothian’s Museum Education Officer, presented the pupils with an Official Museum certificate to display. [nggallery id=31]

Musselburgh Horticultural Show

Primary 2b have been creating beautiful paper plate arrangements and decorating iced biscuits in class. These were entered into the Musselburgh Horticultural Show held on Saturday 28th August. The children were delighted to celebrate Sophie success on gaining 2nd place for her beautiful paper plate.


Did you know the word dinosaur means ‘terrible lizard’? P2b have been learning all about dinosaurs this term from when they lived to what size they were and from what they ate to how they became extinct. We have also enjoyed being paleontologists and have been digging for dinosaur bones and looking at fossils.

We had a visit from Sarah Cowie from the East Lothian Museum Service. She came to our class to explain to us what was involved in setting up a museum. It was great fun. Sarah brought lots of fossils and bones to show us. Now we are going to set up our own dinosaur museum and write labels for our dinosaurs and fossils.

We are hoping some of our mums and dads will be able to visit our museum when it opens and we are looking forward to sharing some of our dinosaur information at our Assembly on Friday 5 November.

P2 held their assembly on Friday 5 November 2010. They shared what they had discovered about dinosaurs and they sung songs. They have worked very hard on their assembly and everyone spoke clearly. A lot of the Primary 2 parents attended the assembly and they all thought it was great because they learned more about dinosuars than they knew before.

Scroll down to see photos of us at work in class.

[nggallery id=5]

Green Fingers

 Primary 2 have been getting their fingers greener in the newly named garden – The Toadstool Village.  Pupils in P2a and P2b were helping the Garden Crew to weed the beds in preparation for planting.  Whilst we were weeding and clearing leaves we were able to spot some of the worms, ladybirds and other insects living in The Toadstool Village.


Primary 1 have a day with the stars!
On Friday 12th February P1 joined in the fun for P7’s Day with the Stars! They dressed up as their favourite movie characters and had fun trying out Guitar Hero, icing cakes and getting their faces painted!



This term P1B have been exploring 3D modelling. We have really

 enjoyed making our own robots out of recycled materials!


Welcome to Musselburgh Burgh Nursery Class. Looking after Spirit, our well-loved rocking horse, and all of the boys and girls, you will find: Mrs Duncan, Mrs Saunders, Miss Cowie, Mrs Jordan, Ms Anderson and Mrs Parker.

This term our pre-school children will be visiting The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

Our ante-pre school children will enjoy a Teddy Bears’ Picnic in the Nursery garden







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