Primary 7 2011

Here is Melissa, Rebecca and Lauren getting ready to play a game of rugby. Here is Andrew,Bailey,David,Katlin,Keavey,Stuart,Jason ,Ross and Amy in a cool photo when we were trying to be clowns and learning circus skills!!!

Cara’s amazing snowman!

Here is p7 enjoying a rugby festival in the freezing cold and rain! The people we can see are Bailey,Heather,Elyse and Amy running for the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Childline day at the racecourse.




 Here you can see Ariane looking for some good jokes. We enjoy reading in our relaxing library area. 

 P6/7 visited the Scottish Parliament on 19th January 2010. We had to go through security and we looked for saltire crosses all around the building.


We learned that there are 129 MSPs who work there. They work to make laws about all kinds of things – schools, health, environment, farming and culture.


They have meetings with experts and ask the people what they think then they go to the debating chamber to have a debate and then vote on the law.

The presiding officer, who is like a teacher for the MSPs, he keeps order in the debating chamber and makes sure everyone gets a turn to speak, is called Alex Fergusson (but it’s not the same Alex Fergusson as Man Utd).

Everyone in the debating chamber has the same chair to show that all the MSPs are equal.


If the law is not passed, the presiding officer says, ‘The motion is fallen’.


We had a debate in class last term about fair trade goods.


26 thoughts on “Primary 7 2011”

  1. i like the picture of the pinkie pillors

    love Danielle

  2. hey guys p6/7 is the best chelsea,eve,keavey,kaitlan,Amy M,Goargeina,charlotte,stuart,jason,david,brendan,darren,ben,ross,andrew are the best mates u can have and me amy f !!!

  3. i love p6/7 because they are great mates and really friendly
    my main best friends are eve, keavey,amyf, . and i just wanted to say thanks for everything and all of the fantastic memories!xxx

  4. Best Class Ever Cause Its Small And Friendly Peoples!

    And Miss Robson Is The Best Teacher Ever!!

    Amy xoxoxoxo

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I had a great time at Innerwick, the best bit was the river walk, we got very cold and wet but it was GREAT fun!

  6. heey how is primary 6/7 hope you are having fun.See you all soon Kirsty

  7. I love P7 so far! I am quite sad that it is the October holidays! Nothing to do, i AM BORED!

  8. hi our school is the best we have a great playground and our library is good aswell. our class has the best teacher in the school bye

  9. heyy!xx camp was amazingg! i loved the absailing! i really want to do it again! 🙂 byee!xxxx<3 🙂

  10. Hey!Xxxxx Camp was awesome!!xxxx 😀 🙂 XD ken Shannon!xxxx I wanna go again too!xxx Byeeee!xxxxxxx

  11. 🙂 Ive been at this school for as long as i can remember….. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!!!! 🙂

  12. 8-)I think im going to cry at our leavers assembly!8-)

  13. I think I’m going to cry as well at the Leavers Assembly but looking forward to the end of term party!

  14. i am soo excited for our leavers party whats everyone wearing i really wanna leave but at the same time i dont ! x goning to miss this school alot when i leave !! <3


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