We are now in Primary 3/4.  Please scroll down to see what we are doing in school.
Easter Eggs on PhotoPeach  

P3/4 Maths on PhotoPeach


Athletics Festival
P3/4 on PhotoPeach

On Wednesday 25 January P4 headed to Meadowmill to take part in an Athletics Festival with Campie Primary and Yester Primary.  We had the opportunity to try out lots of different skills such as the javlin,jumping and relay racing.  We had a great time!









We went to the museum to learn more about the Romans and Celts. We met a man called Mark and he was dressed as a Roman slave. Finn. Isabella, Clare, Lydia, Alistair and Stewart  got dressed up as Roman soldiers. Mike showed us a Roman sword, a shield,  spear and a helmet. He told us that sword was called a gladius. Luke and Cherise were slaves and they had to fight each other .  Isabella was fed to the lions. We had lunch and then we went to look at some Roman items.  We got to hold a Roman sword. It was really heavy. It was a great day and we all want to go back to the museum.

By Ceri and Ellie















P3/4 and P4/5 Assembly

P3/4 and P4/5 are learning about The Romans and The Celts this term.  We decided to tell the story of the Celtic Queen Boudicca in our class assembly.  We had a really catchy song about Boudicca and we all got dressed up as either a Roman or a Celt.  One of the highlights of our Assembly was the battle between the Celts and the Romans and Boudicca posioning herself!  Everyone chose their part in the performance and we all worked together to learn our part and help each other to remember their cue!!  Thanks to all parents for helping to dress us!







P3 at the zoo

Primary 3 have been working together during structured play. The boys created ‘The Ultimate Vehicle’ with the construction kit and the girls created a zoo in the sand.

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Learning about biodiversity

On Wednesday 23rd April Stuart McPherson, Biodiversity Officer for East Lothian council visited Primary 3 to talk about biodiversity and food chains.  We really enjoyed learning about different habitat’s and their food chains.  We became human food chains and thought very hard about issues such as overhunting.  Take a look at our photos to see how much fun we had!




 P3 trip to the zoo!

On Tuesday 5th April Primary 3 visited Edinburgh Zoo with Miss Reid, Miss Bryce and Mrs Russell.  We learned all about the different types of animals in the zoo through our fur, feather, skins and scales workshop.  We got to hold a corn snake and a rat.  The Education Officer also let us see a frog and cockatoo.  After our workshop we got the chance to look around the zoo for ourselves.  Scroll down to have a look at our photos to see what we found!

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P3  had a structure play. Thay had loads of fun and made lots of different things in the sand with lego and k-nex. Here are some photos so you can see what we made in structure play.



We are now in Primary 3.   Please keep looking here to see what fantastic things we are doing and achieving in class.    




 Primary 3 have been learning about Dutch Artists with Miss Reid in class.

We have looked at 2 of Van Gogh’s famous paintings.

First we looked at ‘Starry Night’ and made our own scene of Bonfire Night on black paper with chalk. We then looked at ‘Sunflowers’ and this inspired us to make our own picture with a Scottish twist of thistles using sugar paper and coloured pencil.

 [nggallery  id=63]                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Here is an Egypitian Museum created by P3. They put in alot of hard work and did a very good job.

This was a joint effort to build an igloo by Alice Armstrong (P3) and Joseph Armstrong (preschool).

Isaac made this wonderful penguin from snow.

Snowy day activities
Fun activities children can do from home!
Below are a few activities for parents and children to do together. There is background information for parents and guidance on how to carry out the activities with the children. You are welcome to make comments or ask questions below. Hope you have fun!
Background Information for parents
In Primary 3, the class have been learning about materials with Miss Bryce. In October and November we have been talking about what we know about materials already and discussing what items are made out of – for example, paper actually comes from trees! With our recent snowy weather, now is a perfect time to look at water and how it can change.
Pupil activities
• In your garden or near to where you live, build a snowman with an adult. Watch over the next few days and see what happens to it! Write down what you notice or take some pictures.
o Key questions for adults to ask – where does the snow come from? If it gets colder, what will happen to the snow? What will happen to the snowman if it doesn’t snow for the next few days?
o The most important thing is to get your child talking about the experience and make sure they are engaged in their activity ?
• Leave some fun shaped cookie shape cutters outside and let them collect water. What happens if you leave them overnight? Bring them back inside and leave them in the kitchen for the next couple of hours. What happens to the snow inside? Again, write down what you notice or take pictures!
o Key points for adults – this will encourage them to see how materials can change depending on their environment. As before the main idea is to get them talking about their activity and interested in their experiments!
Background Information for parents
Primary 3 have been looking at the work of Dutch impressionists with Miss Reid. The children were encouraged to give their opinions on work from acclaimed artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. Recently they did some fabulous chalk drawings of their own version of his work ‘Starry Night’, which is now proudly displayed in our corridor outside the classroom.

Pupil activity
• Draw a picture of your bedroom. You can use any materials you want to do your picture. But make sure you get permission from whoever looks after you at home! ?
o Key points for adults – it is anticipated that this work will feed into a comparison the children will then do with Van Gogh’s work.

Egyptian Assembly P3 and P3/4

Last Friday P3 and P3/4 performed an Assembly on the Ancient Egyptians to the whole school and our parents. We had learned a great song called “Amazing Egyptians” and we dressed up like the Egyptians. Everyone had chosen their part for the Assembly from dancer to narrator. Please scroll down to see some photos…..[nggallery id=37]


P2 and P2/3 assembly

P2 and P2/3 are preparing for their assembly about houses and homes. They will be running a cafe on the 26 of March to raise money for a local homeless charity, Blue Triangle and Haity.

P2 are currently learning about the weather. They have looked at the sun and some of the effects it has. P2 have designed our own sunglasses and made sundials out of paper and stones. They have also investigated shadows and night and day. P2 are looking at wind at the moment and have already designed kites and sail boats and we want to make ther own windmills. It is very busy down in P2!

Success at the Garden show

These are photos of the preparation of our Pallet Garden for the Garden Scotland Exhibition at Ingliston Showground. Both P1 and P1/2 planned, created and set up the garden based on the story Olivers Vegetables written by Vivian French. We visited the allotment to learn about growing plants and went to our local beach area to search for driftwood and shells to display in our garden. We tasted vegetables during veginvasion sessions. We were all delighted when we won a silver gilt award. If you would like to see our entry it is now displayed in the entrance hall of the school.

Primary 1 went to the beach at Fisherrow to create art on the sand for the Honest Toun’s art competition. Please scroll down to see our lovely work. [rockyou136910081]

Primary 1 have been enjoying the book One is a Snail Ten is a Crab. This book encourages counting in multiples and helps to consolidate number facts.

During health week Primary 1 enjoyed many new activities including karate. The class also visited the local allotments where they saw the fruit and vegetables that the gardeners had been growing. The following slideshow shows the children helping to pick the produce. [rockyou124590260]

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  1. I will miss you P2 and i hope to come back to the burgh primary school and visit you’s again.

    your Big friend Bradley Stevenson.

  2. Friday’s assembly was excellent and very entertaining. The cafe was also a lovely surprise – I’ve never seen the classroom so tidy!

    Well done everyone.

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