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P7 Meercats

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Houses and Homes Art Work on PhotoPeach

P7’s science week experiments on PhotoPeach

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On the Ning Nang Nong Recited by P7 Pupils
This is a nonsense poem written by Spike Milligan and recited by Tilda, Blythe, Ava, Jamie, Thomas and Bridget.

Reading Buddies


Our Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils are to participate in a Reading Buddy Scheme again this year. The P7 pupils have been trained as Big Buddies and will be paired up to read with a P2 pupil for twenty minutes per week.

The main aims of the Reading Buddy scheme are –
• To raise reading confidence
• To raise self-esteem and self-confidence
• To increase feelings of responsibility and commitment to those taking part in the scheme and to the school community as a whole
• To develop and increase communication and social skills.

The children will find out who their buddies are this week and badges and certificates will be presented in assembly.

Next Wednesday at 2.15pm the children will have their first reading buddy session together.

Over the years, the Reading Buddy scheme has proved to be a very important part of the curriculum for both Primary 7 and Primary 2 pupils. Please help to keep the profile of this scheme high by asking your child about their Buddy and about the time they spend reading together.

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On Tuesday P7 planned their class charter. Each class are making a charter to go in their room. The class charters are about linking our Golden Rules to the UN Convention of the Rights for the Child. The class had lots of ideas for a layout to show some of the rights, golden rules and the children and adults’ responsibilities. Some of the themes were: Flowers and Spring, Trees, A Jigsaw Puzzle and Food.

Extracting DNA from a strawberry! byP7 on PhotoPeach

P6 Meadowbank Sports Day on PhotoPeach
The children have been learning about skipping games and took some time to create their own rhymes to skip with. Click here to see and hear their rhymes.

gummy bear gummy bear jump up high
gummy bear gummy bear go down low
gummy bear gummy bear turn around
gummy bear gummy bear touch the ground
tell me his name of his hunny bunch abcd

One hop,
Then you drop,
Down to the ground,
Without a sound,
Shout out loud,
I’d like Aimee to come in with me.

Blythe, Lewis, Aimee and Anna – P6

Teaser, teaser, touch the sky,
Teaser, teaser, don’t go too high.
Teaser, teaser, touch your toes,
Teaser, teaser, lick your nose.
Teaser, teaser, spin right round,
Teaser, teaser, feel your heart pound.
Teaser, teaser, touch All Stars,
Teaser, teaser, jump in my car.
Teaser, teaser, say hurrah!
Malteasers have launched a new chocolate bar!
By Tilda, Bridget, Ava and Dalvinder

jelly bean jelly bean turn around
jelly bean jelly bean wriggle about
jelly bean jelly bean touch the ground
jelly bean jelly bean sing a song
jelly bean jelly bean jump up high
jelly bean jelly bean dance all day long
jelly bean jelly bean wave goodbye

Hop hop turn around
touch the ground
jumping jacks all around
ABC 123
Swap and repeat

Thomas and Molly after they had taken part in the banana challenge at the Burgh. Everyone had fun and hopefully they will keep using sensible table manners!

Primary 6 have been learning about Europe during structured play children; designed a bridge to cross the English Channel, recreated some European landmarks, made flags and completed a huge floor puzzle of Europe.
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P6 at Innerwick on PhotoPeach

Red Nose Day
There was lots of fun and laughter in the primary 1b classroom and out on the football pitch when Primary 1B and Primary 6 got together for a fun filled Red Nose Day morning. Lots of pupils got dressed up as a superhero or hero or were wearing red. Primary 6 pupils buddied up with a primary 1 pupil and helped them take part in the red nose day activities. There was face painting, tattoos, nail art, red nose funny faces, red nose fruits, iced red nose biscuits and beat the goalie with a red nose football. We also made red nose funny pictures with our buddies. Mrs Duncan put these into a book so we can all look at them. We had great fun raising money for Comic Relief and for Ruby.

p6 red nose day on PhotoPeach

Primary six are learning how to write newspaper articles. In class they have read some newspapers and looked at all the different features of them. The class are also learning about renewable sources of energy and so far we have learned about solar power and wind power. Here are a couple of links that show video clips that we used to help explore the ideas of solar and wind power.
Writing on PhotoPeach

P6 Medival Feast on PhotoPeach

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25.10.2012 Trip to Holyrood Palace and the Edinburgh Castle

P6 enjoyed visiting Holyrood Palace as it was part of the class Topic.
First we saw bullet marks on the palace walls from the times of Mary of Guise. We saw important paintings with marks on them from when they had been attacked by the English. We also spotted some bloodstains on the floor from David Rizzio’s murder. We also learnt about Mary’s parents coat of arms. Finally we visited Mary Queen of Scots chamber room and we were quite surprised to see how small it was.
After visiting the Palace, we went to the Edinburgh Castle to learn more about Mary Queen of Scots’ life.
We saw a huge cannon called “Mons Meg”. We got there just in time to see the one o’clock gunshot. During our tour around the castle we found out that the Crown Jewels were held there during the Mary Queen of Scots time. We had an occasion to get dressed into tudor costumes. We had a great time!
P6 Mary Queen Of Scots on PhotoPeach

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  1. the videos are very fun and cool i like the music and the pictures because it makes me remember the old days

  2. It was fun because we were learning things that we did not know. Thanks to the school for all the trips. I never knew that I would stay at a remarkable school. I love the burgh.

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