Photopeach for Forest Schools Week 4
Forest Schools Week 4 on PhotoPeach

Photopeach for Forest Schools Week Three
Forest Schools Week Three on PhotoPeach

Forest Schools – Week Two

In our second Forest Schools session we were able to find a place for our hobbit families to live. We had lots of fun camouflaging our hobbit doors in the forest and making creatures out of sticks. We have also learnt how to do a new knot (the timber hitch knot) which has helped us move some bigger branches. Have a look at our slideshow to see pictures of what went on!

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Forest Schools – Week 2 on PhotoPeach

We had great fun in our first Forest School session last week. We are now all part of a hobbit family and each family got to make a hobbit door using lots of natural materials found in the woods. We also played lots of games and are learning to tie different types of knots. We are looking forward to our next session and we will make sure we post photos every week to let everyone see what we got up to!





Rugby Sessions

Over the last 4 weeks Primary 5 have been testing out there rugby skills. We have been playing lots of tag games. Alongside the games we have been practicing our throwing and catching skills. We all had a fab time despite it being so cold some weeks!



















John Muir Dance Session

Primary 5 had a great time at the John Muir dance session on the 1st February. We had to act out movements of different animals and create a dance routine with these. We all worked really well within our groups and produced great dances. This session will link in well with our John Muir project next term as nature played a big part in his life.









Scotland in Britain

Primary 5 have started their new topic Scotland in Britain. We have been doing a lot of map work over the last couple of week. We worked very hard in our groups to put the important places in Scotland in the correct place on the 3D maps, we used an atlas to help us. 












Primary 5 took part in a dance taster class last week. They learned lots of great dance moves and were able to put these together to make a full dance routine to a JLS song.







Christmas Party

Primary 5 had great fun at their Christmas party with the Primary 4s. We played lots of games such as corners, musical statues and pass the parcel. There were a lot of great dance moves on show as well! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday.











John Muir Drama Workshops


Primary 5 were very lucky to get the opportunity to take part in two drama workshops with Mrs Sweeney. The children really enjoyed learning about John Muir’s life and they got to listen to lots of exciting stories about John’s childhood.  The children had a chance to try out their drama skills and act out the stories they had been told. They did a fab job and we are now all looking forward to finding out more about John Muir when we do the John Muir award in the summer term.



















Primary 5 – Basketball Festival

On the 8th November all the Primary 5s went to the Musselburgh Sports Centre to take part in a basketball festival. They all had a great time and got the opportunity to improve their basketball skills in a variety of different activities. This is the P5s enjoying a well-earned break in the middle!











Viking Museum

Primary 5 enjoyed dressing up as Vikings and showing other classes what we have learned about The Vikings in our Classroom Museum.



















Health Week

















During Health Week we had lots of fun taking part in a wide range of different activities such as American Football, Zumba, Heartstart and much much more!



Primary 5 have been very busy this term. At the start of October we practiced our golf skills at Fisherrow’s pitch and putt.





















Dynamic Earth trip – May 5 2011

P4 went on the trip to complete their chosen topic of Natural Disasters.  A great time was had by all.  We went round the exhibition and then had a workshop after lunch

Dynamic Earth trip – May 5 2011

P4 went on the trip to complete their chosen topic of Natural Disasters.  A great time was had by all.  We went round the exhibition and then had a workshop after lunch.

World_book_day_pics_of_P4 P4 a was taking part in world book day. We wore our pjamas

Please scroll down to see the slideshows show us at work and play.
[nggallery id=45]
Roman interest table.
[nggallery id=44]
[nggallery id=43]
[nggallery id=42]
Structured Play.
[nggallery id=41]
Golden Time.
[nggallery id=40]
Topic work.

This is our Curriculum for Excellence wall.


 [nggallery id=20] 

Primary 4 held an amazing Assembly about what they have been doing since they have been back from the Summer Holidays . It looks like alot of fun in Primary 4.

Here is a Science experiment with Coke and 1 teaspoon of Sugar.  And apparently when you put the sugar in the coke it reacts like a volcano does.

All Aboard!

P3’s Assembly on Friday 5th March was a bus tour of our town Musselburgh. The “bus tour” made some stops as it travelled around Musselburgh and P3 shared what they had learnt about the town. Musselburgh has lots of festivals and many famous people grew up in our town. We sang, we acted, we spoke and we entertained our parents and friends as the bus “toured” Musselburgh. We hope you enjoyed our assembly as much as we did!!!

scroll down to see some photos of our assembly


Scroll down to see our work


P3 visit Musselburgh Library

On Wednesday 26th November P3 visited Musselburgh Library. The librarian, Dorothy, read us some stories then we were allowed to make our own advent calendar. During our visit we all got to choose a brand new book to take home and keep! We were also treated to a drink and some cakes courtesy of Starbuck. It was a great afternoon!

P3 – Egyptian Open Day!

On Friday 20th November P3 held an Egyptian Open Day. Our ES topic this term has been The Ancient Egyptians and we have had great time learning about life in Ancient Egypt. We’ve made Egyptian collars, cartouches of hieroglyphics, a life-sized sarcophagus, pyramids and Egyptian chalk pictures. We had also opened our own Egyptian Museum. Our artefactswere so good we decided to hold an Open Day so we could share our knowledge and good work with our parents and friends. Loads of mums, dads, grans, grandads, aunts, uncles and friends turned up to support us. We had organised activities for our visitors including making a cartouche, doing a quiz, visiting our Egyptian Museum and tasting some Egyptian food. We even dressed up as Ancient Egyptians. It was a great fun and a day to remember!

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